Nowhere to run

January 6, 2022

It’s 2022. It is a new year and new day. I often talk to people and listen to the subjects they discuss or complain about. In the last few weeks I have been hearing a similar spiel from some African American men. These individuals have traveled abroad and experienced how other countries operate. The resounding theme I have gathered from these African American males is one of exodus. These men are planning to exit the USA in the near future. Some would leave tomorrow if they could. These African American males are tired of the effects of racism in the US and are ready to burn rubber. Sadly, what these African American males do not understand is there is nowhere to run.

“Man I am tired of the hate and disrespect I get from the whites and the African American female.” This statement is a summary of the main two factors the men I have talked to expressed as their frustration. Everyone knows how the US is founded on the exploitation of minorities and myth building of white people. It has also been said that the US is run by white men through unconscious African American females. Can these African American men be correct in the concept of leaving the US for greener pastures in Canada or South America? More importantly, are there greener pastures for African American men anywhere?

There is no way anyone can argue about the level of racism African American males face in the USA. There is no one on the planet more hated, despised and under deathwatch than an African American male. The constant pressure and burden that an African American male faces is unheard of in the annals of history. Yet, has the African American female somehow been manipulated to be the ultimate tool of African American male destruction? This has to be asked. Outside of the racism factor, the interactions between African American males and females was the second issue for exodus.

This is not a finger pointing dissertation. We want to look at what may drive a man to leave the only place he knows to go to either another white country or one where he can’t speak the language. In slavery the African American female was always the prize. If you conquer the females you will control the males. Have African American females been maneuvered by white society so that they subconsciously destroy African American males?

Many African American men complain that African American females do not know how to treat a man. One complaint is that many African American females seem to cater to incompetent men. An older African American female said, “Women who cater or get these subpar men want to control the man.” If this kind of thought has been planted in the African American female’s mind, then there is an issue. No one should want to control their love interest. The white system of oppression has always wanted to control, dominate and demean the African American male. Is this acceptance of subpar men from many African American females a product of white racist programming? Will leaving the US solve this dilemma for the African American male?

The African American male has some serious issues to face in 2022. Racism is everywhere in the world. Canada has a milder form of racism, but any place is milder than the US. Money has become the measuring stick for manhood. Most major economies in the world are based on some form of white measurement. With that being said, there is no place for African American males to run. With this fact in mind, here is a quote by Morpheus from of The Matrix, “We’ve survived by hiding from them, by running from them. But they are the gatekeepers. They are guarding all the doors, they are holding all the keys. Which means that sooner or later, someone is going to have to fight them.” All fighting is not done via violence or physically. Think.

Frank James IV © 2022

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