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Foster care Q&A with Foundations Health & Wholeness

November 14, 2019

We asked, they answered! Foundations Health & Wholeness interviewed several of our licensed foster parents in the Greater Milwaukee Area to help shed some light on commonly asked questions/thoughts regarding foster care. Please read this, and know we value your questions and will always provide honest answers to help you make the best choice for… [Read More]

“The Pretty One: On Life, Pop Culture, Disability, and Other Reasons to Fall in Love with Me” by Keah Brown

November 14, 2019

It’s what’s inside that counts. There’s a sentiment you’ve heard since you were a small child: don’t judge someone by their outward appearances. Look at their mind, see their heart, know who they are before you decide how you’ll act. As in the new book The Pretty One by Keah Brown, look past what they… [Read More]

Transitions: Men of Tomorrow welcomes new executive director and fresh new direction

October 31, 2019

In August 2019, Milwaukee native Jason Gordon became the new Executive director of Transitions: Men of Tomorrow and he has big plans for the organization, promising new leadership and new classes, the first of which is scheduled to begin at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, November 9, 2019 at St. Mark AME Church, 1616 West Atkinson… [Read More]

“The Memo: What Women of Color Need to Know to Secure a Seat at the Table” by Minda Harts

October 10, 2019

Your seat is down there, right at the end. You know, though, it’s not close enough to where you want to be. You need to be where decisions are made and careers are launched. No, your place at the table is close to the head and with The Memo by Minda Harts you’ll see how… [Read More]

Autumn safety tips for seniors

September 26, 2019

As the air turns cooler and leaves drop from the trees, keeping in mind fall season safety tips help keep you and your family protected from seasonal dangers. Home heating • Make sure your home heating system is in good working order. • Have a professional evaluate the system and address any potential problems. •… [Read More]

“The Water Dancer” by Ta-Nehisi Coates

September 26, 2019

You can’t breathe. There’s really no describing the panic when that happens. Your ribs struggle to rise, your chest feels like it’s being stomped, you’re on fire, and your brain screams. Your arms flail. Your hands grasp at nothing, and then – ahhhhh, you gasp. And in the new novel, “The Water Dancer” by Ta-Nehisi… [Read More]

Your Fall home maintenance checklist

September 19, 2019

Fall is a good time to take care of big home repair projects before shorter days (and in many areas, ice and snow) make outdoor work too difficult. And if you do live in an area with cold winters, take some time this fall to boost energy efficiency throughout your home, and prevent damage from… [Read More]

5 Points Art Gallery & Studios “Discarded” exhibition opening on Sept. 6

September 5, 2019

Chicago artists make artistic treasures from common person’s trash in “Discarded” exhibition The 5 Points Art Gallery & Studios extends its visual representation of Chicago artists from its “This Is America” group exhibition to “Discarded”, the two-person showcase of conceptual found-object assemblages by Marvin Tate and Spencer Hutchinson, opening September 6, 2019. Friday, September 6,… [Read More]

South Milwaukee Performing Arts Center presents ARTRAGEOUS

August 29, 2019

Interactive art and music experience opens Saturday, September 21, at 7:30 p.m. South Milwaukee Performing Arts Center is proud to present ARTRAGEOUS, an interactive art and music experience where large-scale “masterpiece” paintings are created live on stage while musicians, singers and dancers entertain and engage the audience. “We chose ARTRAGEOUS for our season opener this… [Read More]

Q&A with Actor Triney Sandoval who is appearing for the first time this summer at American Players Theatre in Twelfth Night, Macbeth and The Book of Will

August 22, 2019

APT: Can you tell us about yourself: Where are you from, where you live now, and what path led you to acting? TRINEY: I was born in San Diego, California, and I now live in New York City. I wasn’t one of those people who knew that they wanted to be an actor as a… [Read More]