How did we get here?

October 28, 2021

There is a vast amount of frustration in the African American community in 2021. The African American population is frustrated over the role they have been forced to play in US society. The African American female is frustrated with the African American male and vice versa. African Americans have turned their frustration back upon themselves and the results are shocking. As I look at the 2021 African American, I have to ask the question, “How did we get here?”

US society has forced the role of being the laughingstock of the world on African Americans. The mental mind wipe still being done on the African American has turned a proud race into buffoons. African Americans in the media often resemble racist caricatures from the past. In 2021 the way the African American male shuffles around is disturbingly similar to Stepin Fetchit. The African American female seems to have embraced harlot ways, looks and the money lust mentality of an escort. Is this what Dr. Martin Luther King died for? Did Malcolm X gert shot down so any race that comes to the shores of the USA walks over African Americans?

It was interesting to hear of the ways African American females are frustrated with African American males in 2021. In the past the conversation from African American females pertaining to African American males always dealt with goodness. The African American male was no good and often just a moocher. Another argument was that there were no African American men since they were all locked up. In 2021 looks are once again coming into the conversation. There are actually African American females who are fed up with obese, beer belly sporting African American males. When I heard this I busted out laughing. I was under the impression that the Fred Flintstone look was what African American females wanted.

African American males have similar complaints about the African American female. Many African American males claim to want the thick, borderline obese female. Yet, often when you see a so-called successful African American male they have the slim model looking female on their arm. I talked to several bitter African American males who were frustrated by the fact that many African American females were over weight. Many of these African American males were sickened by the increasing amount of weave, fake lashes and make-up that African American females wore in 2021. I guess that lie about wanting a female like Nicki Minaj has played out. Is this the future that Harriet Tubman envisioned for African American females?

African Americans have arrived at this stage of frustration because they have let other races control their existence. The weakening of the African American male started in Africa and continues in the US in 2021. The pathetic overgrown child image many African American males embrace is an embarrassment to every strong Black man throughout history. The nappy hair, gym shoes, sagging pants, foolish image African American males have adopted is a disgrace. Be a man, African American male. There is more to being a man than making money and children. African American male, shake off the fear that has been instilled in you and stand tall for yourself and future generations.

African American females, embrace your natural beauty. Take off the weave, lashes and pancake makeup. African American female you are more than a dollar grabbing pole swinger who will do anything for money. African American female, you are more than an ignorant bovine looking creature only good for eating. There is more to life than dinner parties and girl trips. You have the blood of Queen Candice in your veins, don’t taint it by being play things for Caucasians.

African Americans will continue to be frustrated in the USA as long as they continue to play the doormat for genetically inferior races. African Americans need to shake off the deadening influence of US society. If not, then in the future as African Americans are marched to the gas chamber or ovens one will ask, “How did we get here?”

Frank James IV © 2021

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