Stop lying

October 27, 2022

A symptom of insanity is to believe in things that are not true – lies. In other words, to accept illusions instead of reality. With this thought in mind, one has to wonder about the mental state of African Americans. If believing things that are not true is a phase of insanity, then African Americans are insane.

We won’t even bring up the foolish notions that many African Americans believe about race. This dissertation will deal solely with things African Americans tell themselves and each other daily. This piece will not deal with any religious beliefs or legalities. Instead we will look at a few things that African Americans accept and do to themselves and tell each other. Let’s start with clothing styles.

African American males have adopted a new grimy look in fashion. Many teen African American males go off to school or work looking like bums. Let me expand the parameters of the age group. Many teen, early adult and grown African American males dress like bums. For some reason wearing slides with socks has become a fashion rage. You see African American males going into restaurants with slides and socks on. In many cases the socks are dingy or plain dirty. Keep in mind these are males from a race that made alligator, snake and ostrich shoes famous. Yet, instead of these slide wearers being laughed at or ostracized, they are accepted. African Americans believe this look is a positive fashion statement. This is a lie. Yet, African Americans believe this falsehood. Is this not an aspect of insanity?

Let’s look at the average African American male’s outfit. You will see African American males of all ages wearing NBA style shorts and gym shoes, when not wearing slides and socks. This leads to the question, “Where is that grown man going dressed like he is going to play basketball somewhere?” The answer is, everywhere. You see African American males dressed like they are heading to the NBA combine in every social aspect of US society. You will see a variation of this look at malls, restaurants, even church. When an African American male has these type of clothes on, other African Americans will tell him he is “dripped out.” This means he is dressed to the “T”. Another lie that African Americans believe. Insanity is knocking at the door African American males.

The African American female has some insanity traits also. The fake hair or weave is the craziest sign of insanity African American females partake in. You see African American females wearing weave, sew in, or flat out wigs daily. The insane part of this is African Americans tell these women with fake hair, “Your hair looks nice today.” Hold on. How can this person’s hair look nice when it isn’t theirs? To add to the insanity, many women braid their real hair up and put the fake hair over their real hair. African American females who do this claim that it takes too long to do their hair. Yet, these same females, wash the fake hair, style it, like the hair was growing out of their scalp. These same females with these long tresses of fake hair fondle, play with the hair all day. You see these weave, wig wearers snapping selfies of themselves for social media posts. Many of these posts will get likes and comments saying how great their hair looks. Lies. All lies that many African American females believe. Insanity has moved into many African American female minds.

I won’t talk about the tight clothes and obesity levels that are signs of insanity in all African Americans. I will say this. African Americans need to stop lying to themselves and each other. Tell that dude who is 40 plus years old, “Man, go take those kid clothes off.” Tell that African American female who is wearing a pink wig, “You look stupid. What are you trying to do, be bubble gum?” Remember African Americans, before you tell someone else to stop lying to themselves, you have to tell the person in the mirror.

Frank James IV © 2022

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