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It started with a knee

October 22, 2020

The NBA players and the stance they took this COVID infested season deserves a spot in history. Many people talk about the Civil Rights marches of the 60’s as defining moments in US history. The marches and speeches from that time were impactful. The stance the NBA players have taken this past season on social… [Read More]

Who will be holding the bag?

October 1, 2020

Protest has become the national pastime. In 2020 it seems as if there is always some form of protest taking place somewhere in the USA. The majority of the atrocities that led to these protests have taken place in the African American community. When it’s all said and done, who is going to be left… [Read More]

Gangster rap and the slave mindset

September 17, 2020

African Americans, how many of you have been stared down and frowned at by an African American who you didn’t know? African Americans, do you often tense up when you see another African American walking toward you? Be honest in your next answer. How many of you African Americans feel they are treated worse by… [Read More]

A tactical wartime education

September 3, 2020

Another atrocity takes place in the USA. An African American male is brutalized in some fashion by the police. This script has gotten old. This time the deed took place in Kenosha, WI. Jacob Blake was shot seven times in the back by police. Do you see a pattern here? How many of these stories… [Read More]

The NBA to the rescue

August 27, 2020

COVID-19 has paralyzed the world. Many countries have issued lockdown orders and forced citizens to stay in their homes. In the USA the lockdowns have crippled businesses across the country. COVID-based restrictions has forced many school districts to adopt virtual learning platforms. The NBA has come to the rescue just when it seemed the wheels… [Read More]

The crime of sameness

August 13, 2020

In the USA today there is a miasma that has affected the entire culture of the country. I am not talking about COVID 19. Look around you at the people of the two major groupings in the US, white and black. Do you notice how there seems to be a similarity in how they dress,… [Read More]

Image is everything

July 23, 2020

You have heard the saying, “Image is everything.” In the USA this is especially true if you are African American. I have stated before that past negative stereotypes placed on African Americans have become their reality 2020. The nappy headed pickaninny image from Jim Crow has become the model for the African American male. The… [Read More]

Who are the guns for?

July 16, 2020

African Americans have been pushed and beaten to the brink of mental collapse in the USA. It’s only natural that African Americans seek some form of protection to ensure their safety in an unsafe environment. Since the George Floyd killing African Americans seem to have found a safety measure. Many African Americans have turned to… [Read More]

One suggestion to stop the killing

June 11, 2020

Another day in the USA, another act of murder. As usual the murder led to marches and protests about the treatment of African American males in the USA. The latest murder to lead to these type of events is the George Floyd killing by a police officer. The USA has been in turmoil for the… [Read More]

Resurrection of the economy

May 28, 2020

The US economy has been in a state of flux for years. There have been several mini-crashes on Wall Street since the Great Depression. None of these has been as severe as the impact COVID 19 has had on the US economy. The situation became so critical that the US government sent out stimulus checks… [Read More]