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Are you tired yet?

August 4, 2022

In the USA there is a disconnect in many African American relationships. You have African American women who have to be strong because of the racist paradigm created by US society. On the other hand, you have the most hated male on the planet, the African American male. In this land of plenty you would… [Read More]

Money and ‘The Dream’

July 21, 2022

Many people in the USA have the concept that money is the key to salvation and possibly living the American Dream. In many instances different races who have migrated to the USA have epitomized the previous concept. Yet, when it comes to the African American, money does not have the same effect. African Americans have… [Read More]

Four what?

July 7, 2022

African Americans have celebrated another Independence Day in the USA. African Americans enjoyed the day off from work. African Americans dined greedily on ribs, various forms of sausage, and of course, chicken wings. Many African Americans purchased new outfits to showcase their pride in their country. With all of this expenditure by African Americans to… [Read More]

When will you wake up?

June 9, 2022

There have been events in the past few years that should have awakened the African American community. The police brutality and murders should have been a definite wake-up call. The flagrant proliferation of arms by Caucasian people that hints of a race war. Yet, African Americans are ignoring or downplaying these situations. Why? Maybe because… [Read More]

Choose a side

May 5, 2022

For hundreds of years people of color have tried to straddle the fence when it came down to US society. Many so-called African Americans have sought to parley with and deal with those who sought their demise. This sickening attempt to make peace with people bent on destruction has weakened the mind and spirit of… [Read More]


March 17, 2022

The way to get to the end of a journey is to take steps. African Americans have taken steps to reach a collective goal in the USA. The goal African Americans are heading towards differs depending upon who you ask. The fact is, African Americans are making some strides towards achieving some sort of growth… [Read More]

2022 Black History Analysis

February 17, 2022

It is February and Black History Month in the USA. Many African Americans complain that their history month, February, is the shortest month of the year. This is a true statement, but since when can beggars be choosy? It’s time to take a Frank look at the 2022 African American in order to decide if… [Read More]

Nowhere to run

January 6, 2022

It’s 2022. It is a new year and new day. I often talk to people and listen to the subjects they discuss or complain about. In the last few weeks I have been hearing a similar spiel from some African American men. These individuals have traveled abroad and experienced how other countries operate. The resounding… [Read More]

Is this integration?

December 16, 2021

I am a fan of any type of movie that makes you think. Science fiction or movies based on comic books are some of my favorite movie plots. I have seen everything from the X-Men, to the flop that was based on the Green Lantern. In 2021 I had to miss one of the best… [Read More]

Black Friday fire sale

December 2, 2021

It’s Christmas season in the good ole USA. Black Friday shopping deals will last up until Christmas Day. It’s time for people to spend money on gifts and alcohol to make the season special. Best Buy and Walmart have loaded the shelves with 70-plus inch televisions for purchase. Macy’s and other stores have the clothes… [Read More]