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COVID—PPEWarrior educates, invests in COVID-19

September 16, 2021

By Sandra Millon Underwood, RN, PhD FAAN Professor, UW-Milwaukee College of Nursing Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic most people had never heard of or used the acronym PPE; now it is a household term. PPE stands for personal protective equipment, and over the past year it has become important safety armor as we continue our… [Read More]

IRS warns of child tax credit scams

August 12, 2021

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is warning taxpayers of ongoing scams related to the child tax credit — with some landing directly in Americans’ email or smartphone. “Right now we’re seeing scammers trying to take advantage of the American public by attempting to gain information — using phone calls, emails, text messages, through social media… [Read More]

Walmart to pay total cost of college tuition and books for associates

August 12, 2021

The largest U.S. private employer commits to invest nearly $1 billion over the next five years in career-driven training and development On July 27, 2021, Walmart announced it will pay 100 percent of college tuition and books for associates through its Live Better U (LBU) education program. Starting Aug. 16, the $1 a day fee… [Read More]

U.S. Bank provides update on commitment to addressing economic inequities

July 15, 2021

On June 5, 2020, in the aftermath of George Floyd’s killing in Minneapolis, U.S. Bank announced several initiatives to address social and economic inequities, including a $116 million investment to help close the 10:1 racial wealth gap, which affects all U.S. households and creates a 4-6 percent drag on the GDP.* U.S. Bank recently shared… [Read More]

Do-it-yourself credit repair: Fix bad credit on your own in 6 easy steps

April 22, 2021

Don’t fall for scams promising easy, overnight credit repair. If you want to fix your poor credit, you can (and should) do it yourself. Follow these six simple steps to do-it-yourself credit repair. If you’ve had an overdue student loan, years of high credit card balances, collections accounts, or even a foreclosure, unfortunately, you probably… [Read More]

Five pieces of money advice for young adults about to face the real world

April 15, 2021

Spring is in sight, and right about now, you’ll see that anxious look on the faces of college seniors and other young adults about to face the real world for the first time. Even if they’re fortunate enough to have a job lined up, they are far from secure financially, and often have no idea… [Read More]

The Milwaukee Times Celebrates Women in Business

March 25, 2021

Marcie Lovett, The Late Betty Gillespie, The Late Louvenia Johnson and 24 other Women of Color in Business


March 25, 2021

By Sandra Millon Underwood RN, PhD, FAAN Professor, UW-Milwaukee School of Nursing Prior to the pandemic, small businesses were one of the fastest growing segments in our nation. This changed with COVID-19. A survey conducted by the Federal Reserve Bank states that three out of every 10 small businesses in the U.S. say they likely… [Read More]

What You Need to Know About … Life Insurance

March 25, 2021

By Jerry Wilson President, Carpenter Marketing Group, Milwaukee, WI What is life insurance? Life insurance is a simple answer to a difficult question: How will my loved ones manage financially if I were to die? If anyone depends on your income or the unpaid work you do, they would most likely struggle if you were… [Read More]

Milwaukee Downtown, BID #21 to award $100,000 to small businesses through MKE It Back grant program

February 11, 2021

Milwaukee Downtown, BID #21 is helping restaurants, bars, retailers and service providers get back on their feet. Launched Thursday, February 4, 2021, the organization’s new grant program, MKE It Back, will provide $100,000 in aid to small businesses. The grant aims to bridge the financial gaps anticipated now through the middle of 2021 when COVID-19… [Read More]