Are you tired yet?

August 4, 2022

In the USA there is a disconnect in many African American relationships. You have African American women who have to be strong because of the racist paradigm created by US society. On the other hand, you have the most hated male on the planet, the African American male. In this land of plenty you would think that with the gains African Americans have made the relationships would be strong in 2022. Well… I have one question, “African American females, aren’t you tired of the weak, effeminate African American male that seems to be the norm in the USA?”

We won’t go into the African American male neutering that has taken place in the USA for 500 years. I know about the prison industrial complex and how African American males are caged. I understand the mental sabotage that racism has perpetrated on the African American male. I get this. My question is to the African American females out there. We are talking about the insane situation many African American females are in because they seem to want weak African American men. I know at one point in time women wanted the man with the benefits. Well, years later it turns out the man with the benefits is also the one with the lesser morals and possible male lover. Welcome to the United Stated of America.

African American females have been on the front line so long in the USA until they suffer from PTSD. Kudos to the African American females who have held or are holding their families together. My question is to these and other strong females. Aren’t you tired of these weak African American males who have the morals and freakishness of a Caucasian? African American females, why are you still coddling grown men while raising him and the children? Is having insurance that important? Is coming home and using an electric garage door opener to park your 2021 vehicle that major? What makes this situation bizarre is that many African American females make good money in their profession. Why then do these African American females seek this incompetent male?

I understand that no one wants to be alone. Many African Americans do not want to get in their fifties and be alone. Yet, how many African American females in 2022 are going into their late 30’s and are either divorced or getting there? Why? The man with the benefits didn’t work out. Now, the African American female is stuck with kids by a man who she has no love for. Can you say bitter? How many times have you seen an African American female who seems to have it going on and shook your head when you met her love interest? This phenomenon isn’t limited to the professional African American female. This crazy lust for weak African American males by African American females is not a class- or money-based situation.

Some African American females say all the good African American males are locked up or with white women. True, there are a number of African American males incarcerated in the USA. African American females, do not think that an African American male who is with a white woman is a good one. The African American male who chooses white women over African American females are weak. African American females don’t shed a tear over these mind-wiped simpletons. Let the Caucasians of both sexes have him. There are many African American females who say many African American males are pursuing an alternative lifestyle. This may be true. Five years from now this statement will have more truth with the gender issues in the USA. African American females, don’t lose sleep over these men either. Wave goodbye.

Why African American female? Why are so many together African American females settling for weak African American men, then complaining when it doesn’t work? Think: If you have a pocket full of lint, then your pocket is full. Lint is worthless. When money does come, you have nowhere to put it.

Frank James IV © 2022

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