Image is everything

July 23, 2020

You have heard the saying, “Image is everything.” In the USA this is especially true if you are African American. I have stated before that past negative stereotypes placed on African Americans have become their reality 2020. The nappy headed pickaninny image from Jim Crow has become the model for the African American male. The lustful, low moral, street walker has become the fashion plate for the African American female. Many people claim that this is the product of a new day. The day may be new but the images still mean the same as they did in the old day. The acceptance of these racist images has led the African American populace to its lowest point mentally since 1800.

If a Confederate flag is painted on a 2021 Rolls Royce does this act change the flag from the symbol of the Confederacy to something else? The flag would be a part of a new car design and an expensive one at that. The flag designed car may even be a Rolls Royce limited edition. You get the point? No matter how much time has passed the Confederate flag still means what it did in the past. If not, then why has there been uproar to have the flag removed in certain areas of the country? With this example in mind we have to ask a question. “Why are past negative images transformed into positive ones when pertaining to African American people?”

The easy answer to the preceding question is, stupidity. Since we are in a politically correct time in the USA we will say, “A dire lack of knowledge.” African Americans as a whole suffer from mental amnesia when it relates to the past. This lack of knowledge is the reason why the masses of African Americans can be duped into portraying the racist roles that the USA laid out for them 200 years ago. The nappy headed African American males that wore the too big britches. The 1960 -70’s African American female street walker with the loud colorful wigs that was readily available for any man’s pleasure. This is not relegated to economic standing. Affluent African Americans exhibit these traits. Just watch television and look at the proof.

One of the iconic pictures from the 1960’s Civil Right Movement is of African American males carrying signs that read, I Am a Man. African American males fought for decades to shake the ignorant image that Jim Crow and racist propaganda portrayed them as. You look at the 2020 African American male and you see those images in living color. African American males with the too big Stepin Fetchit pants and acting like the character. People laughed at Buckwheat’s hair from The Little Rascals. In 2020 Buckwheat is the prototype for many African American males’ hairstyle. Frances Cress Welsing often talked about the effeminizing of the African American male. The fashions many African American males of all social strata wear in 2020 makes Welsing look like a prophetess.

The imagery the African American female in 2020 follows has transformed her from the Mother of the Planet to a female who will wear anyone’s hair. The African American female will wear any race’s hair as long as the hair is straight and comes in loud colors. I often wonder if a Black Hair Matters protest can be staged to bring self-pride back into the African American female? I will give the 2020 African American female credit because her mentality pertaining to their clothing of choice is modern. Many African American females wear leggings, one piece outfits, and belly exposing shirts. The African American females of the past had common sense to not wear such showing attire with a body built for concealment.

Who should be blamed for the African American image in 2020? Who knows? Honestly, since the NBA, NFL and MLB are starting back up or on time, who cares? African Americans sure don’t.

Frank James IV © 2020

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