One suggestion to stop the killing

June 11, 2020

Another day in the USA, another act of murder. As usual the murder led to marches and protests about the treatment of African American males in the USA. The latest murder to lead to these type of events is the George Floyd killing by a police officer. The USA has been in turmoil for the past few weeks since the tragedy. More legislation, settlements, or ministers on TV are not going to end the murder of African American males by police. Pride is one suggestion that may slow the trend down.

I’ll say it once and for all, “African American people stop looking to glory grabbing ministers, advocates or any national movement to change your plight in the USA.” These factions are not doing anything to address the key problems in the African American community. Many of these ministers are seeking fame which leads to more people in the congregation which equals dollars. Advocates are usually chasing government grants, jobs or glory. Many of these movements start with good intentions, then unknowingly or knowingly push a white or alternative agenda. These factions have been in the African American community since slavery and things have gotten worse.

The key problem in the African American community is a lack of pride. African Americans show no sense of pride in who they are. Many African Americans are lost when it comes to any type of knowledge of their past status in the world. If African Americans even understood their history in the USA they would understand how they have been manipulated. African Americans have been manipulated to become the epitome of the racist images portrayed in the past. African Americans fought hard to shake off the ignorant coon or easy harlot image society wanted to put on them. In 2020 African Americans grasp these roles with relish.

The African American male has been so terrorized and neutered until it is no surprise that many seek alternative lifestyles. In the past the African American male was portrayed as a nappy headed ignorant savage in rural areas. A thug or criminal was the city version of the African American male. African American men fought with their last ounces of manhood in the latter parts of the 20th century to shake these images. In 2020 these images are all you see in the African American community. Entertainers have a great influence on society as far as fashion. African American males have been sold out via hip hop music which turned them into the racist images their forefathers fought against. The African American female has fallen. Just like the African American male the females fought hard to keep their dignity in a society that wanted to strip them of it. Racist images of a sex starved African American female with loose morals were used to portray African American women. The streetwalker was known in the 20th century by colorful wigs and fake eyelashes. Now these identifying traits of ladies of leisure are seen on African American females of all ages. In the 90’s African American women laughed at other women for wearing weave. In 2020 weave is more popular than chicken wings in the African American community. Well not that popular, close though.

The solution is simple. African Americans have to discover a sense of pride in themselves. African Americans have no pride in who, what and how they look. Slovenly or dressed to go play sports African American men are the norm in the African American community. Painted up trollops have become the norm for African American females. These two things lead to another problem, hate for one another in the African American community. Restore pride and the African American community will flourish.

Will a sense of pride and love for one another keep African Americans safe from police brutality? Who knows? One thing is sure, the ministers, marches, movements and advocates haven’t done the job. Time for a change.

Frank James IV © 2020

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