What happened?

September 1, 2022

In 2022 the fashion industry is creating apparel supposedly designed to make everyone feel comfortable with themselves. You see this in stores like Victoria’s Secret where plus-sized women are now modeling their lines. The fashion industry does not use this push to make African Americans comfortable with themselves. If anything the fashion industry is making African Americans into racist caricatures from the past. At one time African Americans were the sharpest dressed, proudest people on the planet. In 2022 African Americans seem to be the most mediocre, slovenly dressed, mentally lost people on the earth. What happened?

Let’s clear one thing up right off. Fashions that cater to African Americans are often expensive. African Americans spend good money on everything from Jordan shoes to designer t-shirts. Money is not the issue with African American apparel. The problem stems from the fact that many African American fashion statements are being directed by hands that do not have their best interests in mind. I am including hair styles, make up, and accessories in this equation. Many African Americans are adopting fashion statements that come from famous people who they look up to. The questions are, “Where are these famous people getting their directive from? Has the famous person been compromised?” The answers may shine a light on the alarming rate of self-hate African Americans unknowingly harbor.

One of the earliest depictions of an African American female by racists was one with low morals. These racists insisted the African American female was some lusty, sex-crazed individual. If one looks into history we all know it wasn’t the African American female who was the freak. It was the Caucasian female. One of the biggest issues the lack of an economic base has done to the African American community is lead to the exploitation of the African American female. The harlot, street walker became a means for African American females to generate income. These women of leisure wore loud wigs, long eyelashes and outrageous clothing. The previous items were tools of the street walker’s trade. In 2022 the same wigs, lashes, and gear has become the norm for a vast majority of African American women. These 2022 African American females are not street walkers. Many have jobs and careers. Why then are they dressing like the racist caricature from the past? Has the white-driven fashion industry used famous people to lead African American females into this look? What’s going on, African Americans?

The African American male was depicted by racists in the past as a nappy-headed, buffoon who was a menace to society. If someone was to showcase Buckwheat from The Little Rascals and tell African Americans to dress, or look like him there would be a fight. In 2022 when you look around the African American community, all you see are men with hair like Buckwheat or those racists Warner Brother cartoons. Why? Many professional athletes and entertainers wear their hair in these fashions. Once again the question has to be asked, “Who is controlling these famous role models for African American males? Why is the fashion industry creating clothing to feminize African American males?” Is the white manipulated fashion industry using famous African American males to feminize and retard African American male mental growth? The answer may shed a blinding light on why African American males have more money that ever before in the USA and are still at a “boy” status.

African Americans, look at yourselves and be honest in the assessment. How did the sharpest dressed, proudest group of black people on the planet allow themselves to be so manipulated? Why are African Americans paying big money to look like trollops and feminine mentally challenged teenagers? How did Jordan gym shoes become the African American version of Gucci loafers or alligator shoes? How did the original people allow the inferior people to define their look, much less their existence? What happened?

Frank James IV © 2022

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