Be honest

June 23, 2022

Juneteenth Day 2022 has passed. African Americans have drunk liquor and dined on chicken wings in celebration of Juneteenth Day. Juneteenth Day is the celebration of the abolishment of slavery in the USA. Since African Americans are “free” let’s spend a few minutes being honest about the 2022 African American.

“Free at last. Free at last!” Those words come from Martin Luther King’s famous, I Have a Dream, speech. The African American has been “free” in the USA for 157 years. Yet, is this so-called freedom a dream? The illusion of freedom for the African American resembles more nightmare than dream. If we are being honest, then the 2022 African American is in some ways worse than they were when slavery was legal. The slaves knew who their enemies were and understood they were in slavery. The 2022 African American thinks other African Americans are the enemy. The 2022 model of the African American is in mental slavery and foolishly assumes they are physically free.

There is one major factor to the African Americans bondage on all levels of existence in 2022. That factor is, African Americans don’t like themselves, much less each other. African American self hate has permeated the minds and psyche in 2022 on a level unheard of in history. The African American is so mind wiped until many youth have forgotten what gender they are. African Americans have become so full of self hatred until they embrace racist caricatures from the past and think they are fashion statements. This mental embracing of white racist ideology by African Americans is a direct result of self hate. How can an African American female claim she loves herself, much less be a descendant of African Queens, when she acts uncouth or resembles a 70’s cross dresser? How can an African American male say he loves himself when he mentally neuters himself to get a job? Better yet, how can an African American male claim self love while walking around with his buttocks exposed? Be honest in your answers.

François Rabelais supposedly said, “Tell the truth and shame the devil.” In 2022 many African Americans do not want to be around other African Americans. It’s true. Be honest African Americans and think about how many times you decided to not go someplace because other African Americans would be there. African Americans how many times have you looked at the 2022 version of African Americans and thought about your safety. African Americans bought a lot of weapons when the COIVD-19 pandemic was at its height. Being honest, who do you think the majority of African Americans bought the weapons to protect themselves from? This is the kicker, “How many times have you looked at an African American youth and felt unsafe?” Shame the devil by telling the truth.

Neely Fuller has made comments stating that African Americans need to stay away from each other. This may be a true statement when looking at the actions that take place in the African American community. Take the senseless violence enacted by African American on each other; or the exploitation of African American by other African Americans on every level of society. Why? African Americans have adapted a white racist outlook on life and have become anti-black. Just listen to the music many African American artists produce. Would a race who loved themselves treat each other the way African Americans do in 2022? Be honest now.

African Americans have to find peace with the person in the mirror. This is the first step to solving the issues that plague the African American community. Once African Americans have self love, then they can love one another. African Americans need to understand that everything in the USA is against them. US society was created by whites for whites. African Americans have to stop viewing each other with the blue eyes of Caucasians. African Americans have to be honest when assessing their children and family. These previous tasks won’t be easy, but honesty is supposedly the best policy.

Frank James IV © 2022

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