1000 years African American self-racism

March 2, 2023

You hear African Americans complain constantly about racism in the USA. “The Caucasians are racist,” has been said by many African Americans. “No other- so called people of color get the treatment African Americans get in the USA,” is the statement many African American political aspirants scream. Well, I say, “The most racist treatment I have run into during the past few years came from African Americans.” This is where you can hear the crickets chirp because African Americans have gone quiet. Hello?

African Americans, are you still there? African Americans have been programmed to the point where they are the worst perpetrators of racism in the USA. Go into a store and stand in line behind a white person and watch how the African American cashier smiles. This same cashier will drop the smile when another African American approaches. You can say I am lying or exaggerating all you want. The previous statement is true. I am not saying all African Americans who work in the service industry act like 1860 southern whites. I am saying that there is a high number of African American service workers who treat other African Americans like feces.

The sickening part of watching or being on the receiving end of African American self-racism is the hypocrisy. African Americans look down on each other to the point where other races have to laugh. You can speak politely to this African American racism tool and you will still get bad treatment. The vibe you get from the racism tool African American is, “Why are you here?” This is extremely true if you are in an upscale establishment. Let an African American be in an upscale grocery store buying lamb or quail and trying to check out with an African American cashier. Double jeopardy if the customer is an African American male and the cashier an African American female. It’s a 50-50 chance that your bread will be smashed, Bro.

The same goes for the service an African American male gets from another African American male. Triple jeopardy if the African American customer isn’t a mouth breather with sagging pants and Jordans on. You can ask this African American male racism tool a simple question. You will receive a look as if you were the lowest piece of feces on the planet. Yet, watch how this African American male racism tool acts with any white person. It can be a white man with cow dung on his boots and poor as Joe’s turkey. This African American male racism tool will grin and speak politely. “Yes Sir! How may I help you? Oh, that’s on the other side of the store. I’ll walk you over there. Oh, it’s no problem. You want your shoes shined while we walk Boss?” I know. It is a sickening situation.

African Americans want racism to stop in the world. I’m here to tell you racism is not going anywhere. Racism will exist until African Americans can stop perpetuating acts of racism toward each other. Honestly, the root of the situation is African Americans have to stop being racist to the person in the mirror. The toning down of the African American male to appease white society and brain-washed African American females must stop. The racist act of sewing another race’s hair onto your head. The pants worn under the curve of your behind that says, “I hate being a man.” The obesity levels that say, “I am committing suicide by trying to eat myself to death.”

If you are thinking, “Who is this Negro to be talking?” Or, “Don’t nobody care what he talking about. It’s just that black talk.” I ask, “Are you thinking in your voice or Ronald Reagan’s?”

Frank James IV © 2023

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