Who are the guns for?

July 16, 2020

African Americans have been pushed and beaten to the brink of mental collapse in the USA. It’s only natural that African Americans seek some form of protection to ensure their safety in an unsafe environment. Since the George Floyd killing African Americans seem to have found a safety measure. Many African Americans have turned to the Caucasian’s old weapon of choice, the gun. Who will these African American guns be used on?

Guns have been in the African American community since 1865. The atrocities that have taken place in 2020 have driven African Americans to purchase weapons at an alarming rate. National African American Gun Association (NAAGA) membership has boomed in the past few months. My guess is since the NAACP wasn’t getting the job done someone created a gun club to attempt the task. There are some people who feel the rise of NAAGA and African American gun interest as a whole took off with the election of President Trump. That may be true but let’s be honest. Who are African Americans really buying the guns to protect against? If you said other African American, come on down.

I get the concept behind the idea of seeking salvation via guns by African Americans. In their adopted country African Americans have never felt safe. Events in 2020 have opened many comfortable African American’s eyes to the fact that they reside in a war zone. But, who really is the terror behind the crime and violence in the African American community? Ironically when violence jumps off in the African American community the first people called, after Shaniqua, are the police. So this myth of buying 9mm and semi-automatic weapons for a war against the powers that be is a lie. Or maybe that is what African Americans are telling themselves when they purchase guns and rifles. Maybe the lie of protection against whites and police enables African Americans to purchase guns that may be used on each other with a clear conscience.

I recently went into a gun shop with a friend. I was shocked by the number of African Americans in the store buying guns. The man behind the counter was passing assault rifles out like word had come down that the US had been invaded and foreign troops were two blocks over. The appalling part of this scene was the obvious lack of intelligence I observed by the customers. I taught SPED for years and was good at it. One of the tasks I performed was identifying students who had learning disabilities. In that store 99 percent of the African Americans who were purchasing weapons looked mentally challenged. Of course the man behind the counter was white and he was encouraging the African Americans to buy. Do you think this white man would have been doing this if he thought for a second African Americans were about to wage war on whites? The scene was past ridiculous. In the parking lot one African American male pulled his assault rifle out and was showing it off to a group of African Americans. Does this seem like a person with good sense? What nationality do you think is most likely to be on the business end of this Negro’s rifle?

Guns may have assisted African Americans to put up a good fight in the 1900’s but not in 2020. I stated before that guns were the Caucasian’s old weapon of choice. If anyone thinks that guns will overcome or do anything but get African Americans slaughtered they are a fool. The technology that Caucasians have makes Star Wars technology look like Neanderthal drawings on a cave wall. Stop this foolish nonsense about African Americans protecting themselves from police and racist groups terrorizing their community.

The guns that African Americans are buying have a good chance of being used on other African Americans. Be honest, African Americans. Admit that you are buying the gun to protect you and yours from other African Americans. Once this is done, have at it.

Frank James IV © 2020

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