Sit this one out

May 14, 2020

There is a storm brewing in the USA. On April 24, 2020 Wisconsin had one of the biggest protests against stay at home orders because of COVID 19 in the country. The political lines are being drawn over the COVID 19 pandemic. Many of these lines will be etched into the psyche of the USA long after the pandemic passes. African Americans have to be careful not to be drawn into the war of words and philosophy that Caucasians are indulging in. The history of the USA shows how African Americans have been drawn into conflicts between Caucasians to their sorrow.

In Michigan armed African Americans gathered in Lansing and escorted Rep. Sarah Anthony to work at the capitol building. This came as a result of an April 30, 2020 protest where several armed white protesters stormed the capitol building with borderline racist paraphernalia. The armed show of force by African Americans was nice but stupid at best. What this display does is thrust African Americans right into the middle of a storm that has nothing to do with them. By showing up with arms African Americans have shifted the focus off of differing white groups onto them. African Americans can’t afford to have any more scrutiny that leads to increased hatred of them by Caucasians.

In Wisconsin African Americans should already know the rice paper they walk on. Milwaukee has been known as one of the most segregated cities in the U.S. How many marches have taken place over various injustices done to African Americans in Milwaukee over the past 20 years? With this in mind African Americans in Wisconsin as a whole need to sit back. Let the Caucasians get mad and take their aggression out on each other and not on African Americans.

During the Civil War African Americans fought on both sides of the conflict Caucasians created. In the end who got the glory and who bore the pain? African Americans fought the Axis powers during WW II. Once again when the conflict was finished who benefited and who went back into third class citizenry? The Vietnam Conflict was another example. African Americans fought in the Far East while their relatives were discriminated against in the USA. The list goes on and on. From military engagements to sports, African Americans give their talents, lives and souls for white causes and in the end get nothing but pain and trinkets in return.

The madness that is sweeping the USA is something African Americans should refuse to be the whipping boy for. Let the Caucasians vent their anger on each other. African Americans need to sit back and watch how things will play out. Once the smoke clears between the factions of Caucasian people maybe there will be an opportunity for African Americans to grab some power. Or at least gain a position of strength to negotiate from with the survivor.

A show of force by armed African Americans is the last thing needed. First off, this type of action isn’t a show of anything but foolishness. Caucasians will always have access to weapons that the average African American would be arrested for simply thinking about such items. African Americans can’t win anything but prison or graves with guns. Who makes the guns along with the ammunition? Last I read, Smith and Wesson were two white men.

Frank James IV © 2020

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