What happened to The Negro Revolution?

March 26, 2020

You are probably coronavirused out by now. Trump has issued a state of emergency so if you don’t have the virus then you have heard every take possible regarding COVID 19. Instead let’s take a look and see what happened as a result of all the revolution talk of the 1960’s and early 70’s. Many people think the Negro Revolution never started but it did. The weapon was not guns, chemical warfare or even hate. The Negro weapon of choice in this war is love.

The revolution that people such as Malcolm X and others talked about took place in the USA. This revolution is still going on except the term Negro has been replaced with African American. The weapon that the leaders of this revolt chose was love. Martin Luther King, Jr., and other prominent leaders chose to use love to conquer the hatred and bigotry the Negro faces in the USA. No one ever stated that love was going to be the weapon of conquest, but after reviewing the results love is clearly the tool of choice.

The African American is determined to love, love, love their enemies to death. If you go back to the 1960’s you can see the love weapons first use by African Americans. No matter what the bigots and racists did to African Americans, the response was to sing and express love and belief in white people to do right. The love African Americans expressed came in the face of church bombings, lynching and severe brutality. The African American was hell bent to love white people so well until the whites would capitulate. Even with the love weapon trained at their heads white people still resist.

After the 60’s marches and rallies failed to love white people into submission, the love weapon was revamped. The bourgeoisie African Americans decided to strip any sense of pride from their race. Pride may seem as an affront to whites so it was decided to separate African Americans from the concept. Pride also is a road block to the use of unequivocal love. With no pride African Americans began an onslaught of unequivocal love on the unprotected whites in the USA that has never been seen before in history.

Unequivocal love was showcased by African Americans turning their brightest minds over to white people to be educated. The whites were caught off guard at first by this show of love and trust. The whites rallied. White people made sure to gain from this love offering by ensuring these African American minds only knew enough to keep the masses of African Americans lost. African American scholars are looked upon as leaders and gurus. The white bleaching of these once promising African American minds sent the masses who listen to them into a mental stupor. With this failure African Americans had to upgrade the love weapon and of course they did.

The love weapon transformed African American lack of pride into an all-out assault to satisfy white carnal lust. The weapon was adjusted to focus on physical love more so that heart love. Once again African Americans rounded up their best people and told them to love white people to death, this time in the bedroom. African American females adopted the bed warmer role that many of their ancestors were forced into during slavery. Prime African American males began to seek out white women that were shunned by white men and make them feel good all over. The final part of this blitzkrieg on unsuspecting white people was to ensure there would be plenty of prime African American males and females to satisfy the white alternative lifestyle sector. This assault has also failed. The whites rallied and expanded the porn industry to humiliate African Americans of both sexes for the pleasure of the world.

Love is the weapon of choice in the once Negro, now African American Revolution. What is the next phase of the love weapon? Who knows? Maybe it will be mass suicide by African Americans to demonstrate this love insanity they exhibit.

Frank James IV © 2020

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