Who will be holding the bag?

October 1, 2020

Protest has become the national pastime. In 2020 it seems as if there is always some form of protest taking place somewhere in the USA. The majority of the atrocities that led to these protests have taken place in the African American community. When it’s all said and done, who is going to be left holding the bag? Who will be blamed for the problems that seem to be plaguing the USA? Anyone with a brain can see African Americans will be the scapegoats.

I understand the need to do some form of protest for the treatment African Americans have received in the USA. Yet, when I see Caucasian people out wearing Black Lives Matter paraphernalia I have questions. Why are these white people so gung-ho on getting better treatment for blacks? I know many will say these new whites are a different breed than the old slave masters and segregationists of the past. That sounds righteously divine. What do these new whites have to gain? Never believe that white people are doing things just to be doing it. White people always have a plan, especially when it comes to African Americans. The question is, what is the plan?

Looking at the state of affairs in the USA someone needs to be blamed for the failings of the country. The economy has taken a slide for the worse. The government is in shambles. Someone has to be blamed for this outbreak of misery. The majority of civil unrest in the USA stems from atrocities committed towards African Americans. Because of this there have been marches and protests around the country over violent acts performed on African Americans. These marches and protests have created civil unrest which has led to property damage in various US cities. How long before white people begin to blame African Americans for all of the nation’s woes?

U.S. Attorney General William Barr has suggested that sedition charges be filed on violent protesters. Wake up African Americans. Sedition is a serious charge that can lead to a 20-year federally sponsored vacation. If such charges are used against protestors you can believe many African Americans won’t be passing Go. My question is who is leading all of these violent acts of protest that are taking place? Why now? Protest seems to be the new “in” thing. The professional slaves have taken it up in all sports. It is a form of swag to protest in some form or fashion. This swag will evaporate when those sedition charges start being passed out. The swag will also dim when whites decide they have had enough.

I have said before, “Anyone telling African Americans to fight the government is an agent provocateur.” African Americans aren’t in any position to fight anyone except each other. The person that is promoting violence during these protests may be, as they say, “Playing for the other team.” African American aren’t even in physical shape to fight. Look at the high numbers of obese African Americans.

African Americans don’t know who to fight. By including a few white people in the marches African Americans are now confused. Since African Americans are confused they will wind up helping their enemy and killing their allies.

African Americans need to look at Germany in the 1930’s to see what may be coming. Germany was in a mess after World War I. The economy was shot and the people disgusted. The Nazis rose to power. The Jewish people either left Germany or were persecuted to near extinction. Hatred of African Americans has always been the calling card in the USA. African Americans have been saturated with hatred to the point they subconsciously hate themselves. In 2021 a sacrificial lamb will be needed. Sadly it looks as if this lamb will be the black sheep.

Frank James IV © 2020

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