What side are African Americans on?

September 26, 2019

The USA is at a crossroads. When has the country not been at one? Seriously though, the situation in the USA in 2019 seems to be a crisis. The political situation is going awry and even the most naïve person can see this. The citizens are bitter and in constant need of entertaining diversions to keep from going insane. The ruling elite is suffering from an influx of opiates and other drugs that are mind wiping their offspring. Every race is chasing the white dream while white people are beginning to understand the white dream is a curse. With all of this in mind what place does the so-called African American play in the salvation or destruction of this mass of confusion?

Hate and racism are openly the politics of the USA in 2019. It is openly fine to make hateful comments about people. It is becoming easier for people to use race to degrade a faction of people. All of this negativity is not centrally focused on the African American. Latinos are catching heat also. Yet, when the average person thinks of a criminal or dope fiend they think of African Americans. This is not rocket science; just a couple hundred years of propaganda that paints African Americans in this glorious light. What role then should African Americans play in the collapse or salvation of today’s society?

African Americans are the aces in the hole for the USA. The plan was to use reverse psychology on African Americans to get them to crave what they should run from. The manifestation of the four hundred years of psychological manipulation is culminating in 2019. African Americans are so wound up craving what US society allows them to have that they are blinded to their own demise. African Americans are also blind to the fact that what US society gives them is nothing but crumbs or scraps unfit for a dog.

In 2019 the majority of African Americans have finally been gifted the treasure of debt. Banks and credit card companies have openly allowed African Americans to get loans for cars and credit cards to buy food. Section 8 residents can rent houses in nice neighborhoods. African American students can go off to college because of student loans. It doesn’t matter that many African American students are not prepared for college, just go pledge a Greek organization and join the indentured servant clan. African Americans are finally getting a good feeling for their last name American. How would African Americans react if this society were to collapse?

Would the race that has been spit on, derided and killed rally to keep the USA going? Would African Americans be in the streets protesting the fall of the many banks that keep them financially poor? Would these same African Americans storm foreign embassies in outrage because the US education system that had programmed them is kaput? The answer is yes.

In the movie Instinct there is a scene where Anthony Hopkins opens up the cage of a huge gorilla. Cuba Gooding, Jr., is worried that the gorilla would come out and run amok. Hopkins tells Gooding basically not to worry because the gorilla has forgotten what it is like to be free. That gorilla in Instinct symbolizes the African American. African Americans have long forgotten what it is to be free and also the fact that they can create without the guidance of oppressors.

What makes the African American plight so disgusting is that when all is said and done, when society reboots, African Americans will still be on the bottom. Yes, the faithful slave will have done their job and upheld the Master. The reward will be to start the cycle of oppression all over, boot licking and all. A comfortable torture chamber is better than the unknown wilderness, right?

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