The illusion resumes

November 19, 2020

A cheer went up around the world. Donald Trump was defeated and Joe Biden was elected the new President of the USA. African Americans all over the country rejoiced. The evil Trump had been defeated and replaced by a good Democrat in Biden. Biden also has a woman of color as his vice president, Kamala Harris. The rejoicing was doubly high in the African American community. African Americans have their man and woman in the White House. African Americans can resume fooling themselves into believing they are equal to or, in some cases, are white people.

People may hate him but there was one thing that Trump did that African Americans should be thankful for. No, not sending out stimulus checks. What Trump did was open the door for white people to express how they really felt about African Americans. African Americans knew just where Trump stood on topics involving them. Trump also made it okay for the average white person to express their inner feelings towards African Americans openly. The problem was/ is that African Americans as a whole didn’t want to hear the truth. African Americans want to believe that everything is hunky-dory in the USA. Trump’s term in office blew that image out the window and many African Americans couldn’t handle the truth. Now, with the Biden – Harris ticket African Americans can buy into the equality/white illusion again.

The on-air talent Ebro stated, “Too many African American men want to be white.” This statement is only partially true. Too many African Americans, male and female, are already white. With this statement in mind you can understand why it is so easy for African Americans to be constantly exploited and enjoy the experience. This statement is the reason why so many African Americans give white people everything they have physically and spiritually. At one time I thought it was the stuff white people possessed. Houses, cars, money and straight hair were the things I assumed kept African Americans lying face down on the mattress for white people. I later understood that wasn’t the case. Many African Americans are already assimilated and absorbed by white culture and are only black on the outside. An Oreo cookie comes to mind.

This leads us to this illusion of a better president in the White House for African Americans. I read various slave narratives and no Uncle Tom I read about were as delusional as the 2020 educated African American. Millions of African Americans flooded the polls voting. There is nothing wrong with voting. There is something wrong when people aren’t voting to be free but only voting to get a better master. African Americans talk about how the USA is a capitalist system. Yet, African Americans don’t seem to understand the statement. It is economic power that runs the USA. African Americans blow their money with people who care less if they live or die as long as they spend money in their businesses before they expire. Do you really think white people are scared that an African American female is vice president? When you had Obama in the big chair things didn’t change for the average African American. On the other hand, what kind of impact do you think African Americans would have on the USA if this Christmas season they refused to spend any money on gifts? What kind of power would African American wield if they refused to eat at any fast food, or any restaurant, in the USA for the next five years? Unimaginable economic power in the hands of African Americans.

Celebrate the new President and Vice President. Yet, it is hard to not remember the images from the past. The image of Ole Massa coming back from town or the auction where he had traded well or made a profitable deal. Massa riding up front with his loyal house wench sitting on his side in the wagon. Fast forward to 2020. President Biden riding in the limo with Vice President Harris on his side. Things change in the USA but strangely seem to stay the same.

Frank James IV © 2020

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