A Better Day

August 18, 2022

For centuries black people in the USA have prayed for the so-called better day. The day when black people could be free to live and do what they pleased. This better day was supposed to have taken place in June of 1865. The better day was supposedly revamped in the 1960’s with the end of segregation. Looking back from 2022 you have to wonder if black people even know what a better day would consist of. More importantly, was the better day concept one programmed into black people by white people to keep them complacent?

What was a better day supposed to look like for black people, who are now African Americans, in the USA? Is a better day one where African Americans can date/ marry white people? Is the better day one where African Americans can be Democrats, and even become President? Who came up with this concept of waiting for a better day anyway? Was there any plan designed by African Americans to even conceptualize what a better day would consist of? In 2022 African Americans should be living The American Dream, and some are. Yet, for many African Americans The Dream seems to be a nightmare and once again the better day has been postponed.

The better day is here, if it consisted of interracial marriage in the USA. A Gallup poll taken in 2021 stated that 94 percent of whites approved of African American and white marriage. How does marrying white people make African American life better? Interracial marriage may be salvation to an ignorant fool attempting to have some kids with “good hair.” Honestly though, how does interracial marriage make life for African Americans better in the USA? If this is a covert plan by the African American elite to wipe out all white people via interbreeding, then it makes sense. It is a stupid plan, but it makes sense. If this breeding scheme exists, you have to wonder if it wasn’t created by some white geneticist to refresh Caucasian DNA.

If the better day consisted of African Americans holding positions in government, then that day has come. We won’t waste time detailing the number of African American politicians in the USA. Suffice it to say that there are enough to check the box on African American politicians being part of the better day. African Americans have enjoyed an openly black President and a few low key mulattoes if you believe J.A. Rodgers. There is even a colored Vice President right now. Has this infiltration of US government by African Americans made the USA Shangri-La? You know the answer to that. Even when there were are so-called African Americans residing in the White House, look at the name of the place, White House. I guess the better day has again been pushed back because Congress is busy with other matters.

Was the concept of a better day something white people put into African American heads to keep them singing, ‘We Shall Overcome’? The previous question generates thought. If you keep people looking for a future better day, you can dominate and manipulate them in the now. When the future day does come they will still be looking ahead. These people won’t see they have been duped like a donkey chasing a carrot on a string. The donkey never catches the carrot until he has performed the task and by that time the carrot is shriveled up. Is this the plight of the African American in the USA? By the time the so-called better day comes will it be when there is nothing left, or everyone is biracial?

What would a better day for African American look like? Would this better day be one where they hold hands with whites and every other race who has spit in their faces and sing, ‘We Are The World‘? African Americans have to figure what the better day is, make it happen or they will be in for a hard day’s night.

Frank James IV © 2022

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