Choose a side

May 5, 2022

For hundreds of years people of color have tried to straddle the fence when it came down to US society. Many so-called African Americans have sought to parley with and deal with those who sought their demise. This sickening attempt to make peace with people bent on destruction has weakened the mind and spirit of African Americans. In 2022 the lines have to be acknowledged. It is time for African Americans to choose a side.

Many will assume I mean a physical side, and this is true to a point. The most important side African Americans need to choose is one in their heads. African Americans have sought for centuries to please and accommodate people who hate them. The foolishness of these actions have led the 2022 African American into a state of mental retardation. The 2022 African American youth are more ignorant of who and what they are than a slave in 1840. How can this be with all the technology and information? Well, the so-called leaders of African Americans have sold out the masses since 1865. In 2022 it is time for each individual African American to make their own choice. Are you black or an assimilated white tool?

The success that African Americans have been exposed to for the last few decades is glorified slavery. Millions of African American males have been seduced by the entertainment business that showcases 2022 versions of Buckwheat and Stepin Fetchit. African American females have been lured into becoming glorified bed warmers via movies and television. It is time to put some of these so-called celebrities’ feet to the fire. Many of these paid tools of oppression have millions, so it should be easy for them to decide.

The music portion of the entertainment industry has seriously lobotomized the African American community. What other race of people have created a billion dollar industry that glorifies their exploitation and death? Not one sane race of people write songs about killing each other and pimping out the females. When was the last time you heard a Jewish person drop a lyric expressing murder of Jewish people? Better yet, when have you heard a Jewish person write a song talking about exploiting Jewish women? African Americans are bombarded with mind numbing songs detailing the previous scenarios 24-7. It’s time for African Americans to put the question to these artists. Are you black or an assimilated white tool? Are you a white weapon that is being used to keep African Americans lost and confused? The responses from these geniuses should be broadcast live and played back 24-7.

Is there any other foolish paradox that rivals the African American politician? African Americans have held almost every political position in this country. There was even an African American President, Barack Obama. How well has all this political involvement worked out for African Americans? These so-called African American politicians make themselves famous by running for office on the backs of African American misery. Once in office these same politicians express anger and make powerful quotes to the media to enforce their stance. In the end nothing changes for African Americans. How well are things going in the USA for African Americans with an African American Vice President? Time for these politicians to have the question put to them. Are you black or a tool that white oppressors use to generate false hope in the African American masses? The responses should be made mandatory viewing for a tax credit.

I could write for pages while talking about subjects like the educated Negro. The insanity of sending African American children to be educated in a white supremacist school system. The pro sports farce that has wiped out mental stimulation of millions of African American youth. But, I won’t. I will end with the question to you reader, “Are you black or a white assimilated slave?” For those readers who are not black, well you can still answer one side of the question.

Frank James IV © 2022

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