We are somebody

September 6, 2018

Being Frank

By: Frank James
Special to the Milwaukee Times

In the USA it seems as if African American people ate always identifying with other races. You see this on television in the form of assimilation that every show or commercial that has an African American in it depicts. You see it in the way African Americans ape other people’s culture. The lack of confidence in African Americans is obvious in the way they race to live next to people who have exploited them for centuries. No more. African American people, it’s time to understand that you are somebody.

It is a sickening sight to see an African American person that has totally assimilated another race’s identity. It seems like African Americans have a severe case of Stockholm syndrome. The concept of identifying with one’s captors has been adopted in the African American community like some form of holy doctrine. African Americans are lost without white dictum to direct them. On every level of IJS society, you see this repeatedly. The results of this futile pursuit to be something they are not range from the loss of self-pride to dating every other race by African Americans. Well today for the length of this article, I’m here to tell African Americans you are somebody and stop chasing mythological assimilation.

There are more African Americans on television than ever before. The question is, why? Are these African American entertainers depicting proud Black people or are they simply showcasing black white people? The corniness that permeates the majority of television shows that feature African Americans is abundant. The writers of these shows depict African Americans just like whites. Since when do African Americans live like whites? If one took a good look at how the majority of whites live would you really want to? Ah yes, the money. With the number of drunken, depraved wealthy whites in the world, do you truly think money brings happiness?

When African Americans were segregated and had little, there seemed to be more happiness in the African American community.

This insane infatuation with other races’ failed criminal element also has to stop. For years African Americans have held every other race’s crime figures up as some form of a perverse deity. You see it all-through the names of hip-hop artists who pretend to be hard-core. This foolishness has to stop. If you want to idolize someone try Nat Turner or Hannibal.

If African Americans want to celebrate foolishness then there ate enough fools who resemble them to idolize. Leave the other race’s garbage with the other race, African Americans.

A race that cant see beauty in itself is doomed to die. It is time for African Americans to start seeing beauty in each other. True beauty, not someone else’s version of what beauty is. Other races desperately want to get a hold of African American people to live out their racial sexual fantasies. The African American male is lusted after for his manliness. The African American female is chased for her womanhood. African American people have got to understand who they are. With this in mind, African Americans can stop buying other races’ leftover hair. They will stop letting clothing designer emasculate their men. When African Americans can see beauty in themselves and each other, the need to debase themselves with other races will cease to exist.

I could go on for days but I won’t. African American people need to understand that before you even adopted the name African American you were someone powerful. African Americans, here is a gift that you may have forgotten. The gift is the knowledge that before you were African Americans you were Black people who shaped the world.

FrankJames IV @ 2018 beingfrankwithftank@gmail.com.

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