Being Frank: Blurred lines

February 15, 2014

The lines of race in America are not as distinct as they once were. At one point in the history of America the line of race thought was clear: white, black. Later the thought became gray as the white/ black thought process disintegrated. But due to the increase of interactions between black and white and the x-factor brought in by other races those race thought lines are blurred at best.
Many miss the good old days where everything in the USA was white and black. The race thought mentality was clear and rigid and the country seemed to thrive. Black people seemed to know who they were and White people knew who they were. Racism was a prevalent weapon to keep the white/ black thought process in effect. Things began to change when people of both races wanted to taste the fruit on the other side of the fence.
Blacks were discontent with being black; they wanted something more, they wanted to be American. After various name changes black people got the name they craved: African American. By taking the last name of the country many black people felt they were just like a bride adopting her husband’s surname. But like a woman who marries into a family they inherited the husband’s family and all it encompassed.
On the other hand white people were looking at what black people were doing. White people began to like some of the characteristics black people had. The music black people created was off limits, but eventually white people embraced jazz, then later R&B music. White people quickly realized that black entertainers were exciting and instant moneymakers.
The intermingling that was once taboo because of the rigid white/black race thought began to blossom. There had always been interactions between whites and black people in personal matters but the paradigm went from one of degrading to respect. White males began to see African American females as wife material and not playthings. African American males stopped viewing the white female as a goddess and saw her as something attainable. The white and black lines of thought were fading, being replaced with beige.
The tool of racism was no longer needed and only existed in people’s minds. By adding the influx from the Latino people and their culture the white/ black race thought mentality was over. America had become the melting pot it was always hyped up to be.
If you look at television you can see Americans. The language used has no certain accent; it is plain English. If you watch the commercials you see people who may be different colors acting the same way. There is no black or white way to act; there is only the American way.
There used to be a distinction in the way African Americans and Whites dressed. If you look at society basically everyone dresses the same. Businessmen wear suits. Upper class women wear power suits and fine dresses. The color of the person wearing these types of clothes is defined to no one race. Even the sagging pants saga that rages in America isn’t defined to just one race.
It’s a new day and there are no longer any defined race lines. White, Black, Latino, Asian all share traits that make these people American. That is the beauty of today; we live in a society that is golden brown.
Frank James IV © 2014
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