The poisoned export

July 18, 2019

Nations send out various items they manufacture to be sold in other countries. The item or good being sent to the other country is called an export. One example of an export are cars made in Germany that are sold in the USA. African Americans manufacture nothing but are despoiling the world by exporting the sickening so-called hip-hop culture. By exporting this facade of culture African Americans should be number one on the World’s Most Wanted List. In places around the world people are being poisoned by this junk African Americans have created called hiphop culture.

In places like Africa the youth are watching videos on YouTube and adopting the so-called hip-hop African American culture. People of the world beware because this feces has not worked for African Americans. Do not buy a pig in a poke. The so-called hiphop culture created in the USA by African Americans is a failure at best.

African Americans will scream that the hiphop culture is an opportunity for artists to express their views. This sounds good and may be true for a small percentage of hip-hop artists. Overall hip-hop culture is just a fool’s way of expressing crass materialism and fake criminal activity. The African American has been so duped until they do not see how rap music has been used against them to exploit their women and create havoc along with murder in their communities. What other race of people finances a billion-dollar industry that does nothing but makes them look foolish while glorifying self annihilation? Exactly.

Neely Fuller once referred to the dilemma of African American self hate that turns into a murder-a-victim mentality. African Americans have a victim mentality to the highest level; so with this in mind, why would any sane country want a culture from African Americans? Who wants to import something that doesn’t work and creates confusion and can possibly stunt future generations of youth? Once again, people of the world, do not fall for the Oke Doke. Hip-hop culture has not brought anything but pain and misery to the African Americans who created it.

In other countries people may not have the luxuries African Americans have but in places like Ghana they have a vibe in their music. The music vibe in Ghana I observed was one that was flowing, upbeat and positive. One US citizen remarked about Ghana, “The music here makes you want to smile whereas the hip-hop music in the US keeps you angry.” Why then would a country like Ghana want to import the African American hiphop culture? What civilized country wants to have youth that have no respect for themselves or others? What sane country would want to listen to their people refer to themselves as a derogatory term and relish the verbal abuse? Exactly again.

If African American hiphop culture is going to be exported, then it should come with a warning label. The label should state: If you adopt this culture your youth and anyone who picks it up will suffer from the following: self hate, exploitation, misery and annihilation. African Americans should be ashamed of themselves for misleading the world into buying a hip-hop culture that has led African Americans into a state of being that is worse than death.

Frank James IV © 2019

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