The old same song

August 15, 2014

sierraIt has been said that one of the definitions of insanity is to keep doing the same thing but expect different results. There is outrage in the Milwaukee African American community because a young girl was shot. African Americans are looking for answers and a solution for the violence in their neighborhoods. African Americans have always had a penchant to look everywhere else for answers but the mirror and this is insane.
Sierra Guyton was shot while playing across the street from her house on a playground. One of the suspects is supposedly a convicted killer from years back. Many will scream why was this killer on the streets, much less with a gun. In America once a person has served their time they walk free. In some cases the perpetrator walks free to commit more crime. What will African Americans do to prevent this from ever happening again?
Many pastors in the inner city have spoken out about the violence that rages throughout Milwaukee. Reverend Gregory Lewis made statements informing people to not expect the police to control their families. This is the type of rhetoric African Americans need to hear. One reason African Americans can be labeled as insane is the inept belief that someone else can help them. This foolish concept that the police or justice system is going to solve African American problems is the main cause of the dysfunction in the community.
African Americans have to acknowledge that they have a deep-seated hatred for themselves and each other. No amount of police or Army will stop African Americans from killing each other. Just look at the prison system. Under lock and key blacks still commit crimes against one another. Do African Americans need police in their houses standing over them in their bedrooms? If this is the solution then what good are African Americans to themselves, much less society?
You often hear people ask, “How can this be happening?” Easily, when you look at the culture African Americans have adopted. The glorification of the thug/ harlot image in African American society is past foolish. The music that many African Americans listen to screams self-hatred. No other race listens to music that constantly demeans their women and glorifies crime the way African Americans do. Why then is it a shock when they kill each other at will?
African Americans are faced with a reality that many will find painful. The next generation of African Americans may be useless. For many decades African Americans have put off dealing with issues in society hoping things would get better for the next generation. This pie in the sky mentality is why things haven’t gotten better for the African American in the USA. What changes does anyone expect from the current generation of African American children? Many of these children don’t even realize there is a problem in society.
To be honest the African American situation has gotten worse in the USA. Outside of dominating sports and spending money, what have African Americans done to propel the race forward? There are many rich African Americans but most made their money in ways that can be tied to exploitation. Sports, music and entertainment have created the miserable culture the African American has adopted.

Milwaukeeans, take heart because the actions in the African American community are not isolated to Wisconsin. The crumbling and ultimate destruction of Blacks in the world is an ongoing global concern.

Frank James IV © 2014
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