The good ole USA

August 18, 2014

The Fourth of July is one of the most revered holidays in the United States. The day is a celebration of the creation of the country that rules the world. The USA was created to be a melting pot of all nationalities in order to form one country. Many say the United States’ impact on the earth is over rated, but where would the world be without the USA?
If one looks at the world today it is not hard to see the USA’s influence in every aspect of life. The influence the USA has on world politics is obvious to everyone on the planet. Many countries would be destitute if the USA were to collapse. The USA has unmatched economic influence in the world. The military strength of the USA is unmatched since the fall of the USSR. Many people see North Korea as a challenge but the number of nuclear weapons ensures USA dominance in the world.
It is hilarious to hear people in oil producing countries calling for a fall of the USA. It is usually the common people of these countries complaining because the ruling elite knows the futility of such a scenario. If the USA did collapse what country would step in to buy up the lion’s share of the oil? No other country has the number of cars and trucks using gas like the USA. A collapse of the USA would mean the end of the oil business the way we know it.
Many people feel that China or Japan are threats to the USA. Once again here is where USA buying power kicks in. A vast amount of items sold in the USA are made in China. If the USA collapsed where would China sell these items? There is no country in the world as materialistic as the USA. Japan’s electronics would be useless to people with no power. Sadly there are many countries where people live without power. So if the USA collapsed who would buy all the 72-inch screen televisions produced?
The cultural impact of the USA is powerful in all countries. Basketball has become one of the most popular sports in the world. In China they are now growing players to come play in the NBA. In the deepest parts of Africa there are boys dribbling basketballs on dirt trying to grasp the game. In Europe there are basketball leagues that pay almost as much as the NBA. Basketball isn’t the only sport that the USA has sent to other countries. Baseball is king in Japan and small countries in Latin America.
Music is another way the USA has influenced many other countries. Artists like Miley Cyrus and Beyoncé have millions of fans in countries as far away as Malaysia. Television shows like Baywatch have had viewers watching as far away as Saudi Arabia. Many artists who are not as popular in the USA go overseas and make millions with fans who still love them. The USA influence on culture has even seen teens in other countries wearing sagging pants from the hip-hop lifestyle.
From Coca Cola to Big Macs, the USA has shaped the worldview of life. As you celebrate the day feel good that you are a citizen of this powerful country. Living in the USA is a dream for many, so those who have the reality should feel blessed.

Frank James IV © 2014

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