The Oreo Cookie and African Americans

September 15, 2022

“Every brother ain’t a brother…” Chuck D voiced this in the song, Welcome to the Terrordome. That lyric was true in 1990. It still is true in 2022 with the critical situation the African American community is in. African Americans, it is time to start identifying people and actions that are tools of the racist white agenda. Therefore, African Americans have to unmask the Oreo manipulation in their community.

The white agenda is what it always has been – the racist program to destroy/subjugate all black people. One of the key tools used by the white agenda has been the black-on-the-outside-white -on-the-inside person. For this dissertation I will use the term Oreo. These Oreos have been invaluable to what has led to the crisis point that African Americans are at in the USA. It is time for African Americans to identify and call out the Oreo people and Oreo behaviors.

Many people wrongly assume that the only Oreo is a professional Negro that has a good job. There are “hood” Oreos also. Sadly, in the USA there are more hood Oreos than professional ones. An Oreo takes actions that are not in the best interest of the African American community. With that being said, we can call any African American drug dealer an Oreo. Another form of hood Oreo is the adult entertainer/stripper who uses sex to generate income. Before you attack what I am writing, think. What positive results come from drugs being pushed in African American neighborhoods? What positive results come from African Americans dancing and exploiting themselves for one dollar bills? Both of these “professions” lead African American youth down a path of crass materialism, incarceration and self degradation. Who benefits from African Americans in prison, on poles, strung out, or in the graveyard?

The professional Oreo is just as bad as the hood Oreo. The professional Oreo is so wound up in gaining acceptance by whites until they sacrifice their dignity and pride. You see this pro Oreo in all professional fields. There is nothing wrong with talking or sounding proper. There is a problem when you think because you sound and act white you are white. This pro Oreo tends to forget that they are black, and to the vast majority of whites, still a Negro. This is the foolish person who laughs with whites about “ignorant” black people. This is the type of fool who enforces the white man’s dictates more forcefully than the white man. This is the mind-wiped imbecile who takes pride that his African American children have white spouses or lovers. This is the type of idiot who makes it hard for another African American to get a job at the company they work at. The reason is because the Oreo is scared the other African American may not work out and the whites may look awkwardly at them.

The insidious part of the Oreo aspect of the white agenda is the fact you can’t see it unless you know what to look for. For example, in the USA there are thousands of African American teachers in schools. Many unwittingly introduce and enforce white supremacy through the curriculum. In the fashion industry many African Americans are unknowingly pushing white agenda clothing. The music industry is Oreo heaven. There are too many Oreo people and actions in the music industry for me to begin to write about. I will say, look at the murder rate in the African American community and think about the impact gangster rap has made in the last 30 years. African Americans, it is time to wake up to the fact that many of us have been acting in an Oreo fashion.

I could go on for pages talking about the Oreo actions in professional sports, politics, etc. I won’t. I will say, look around you, African Americans. Before you do this, look into a mirror. Eradicate the Oreo actions and thoughts that permeate your mind. Remember, Oreo now makes cookies with chocolate filling.

Frank James IV © 2022

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