Burnt toast

April 1, 2021

Another day, another insult to African American people from a white person. The American philosophy seems to have an unwritten rule: “Insult African Americans as much as possible.” The latest Caucasian to throw insults at African Americans is Rob Lederman, who is Jewish. Lederman compared African American women’s skin tones to toast settings. Of course there was outrage over the comments Lederman stated on radio. How long are African Americans going to accept sub-human treatment from every other race on the planet?

Lederman must have been feeling good on air when he commented on the type of African American woman that he considered pleasing to the eye. Of course the comments were based on skin tone, and the darker the skin tone the less appealing. What African Americans should ask first is, “Why do people feel it is okay to insult us?” One reason other races tend to insult African Americans is because of the self-hate African Americans exhibit. For decades African Americans judged beauty on the skin tone of an individual. Is it any shock that a white Jewish male adapted the tactic? African Americans have to get the racist stereotypes out of their heads first. Once this is done, African Americans will show respect and love for one another to the world. Hence, the insults from every other race will cease.

What is shocking is that in 2021 a white Jewish man can still talk about African American women like chattel. “I need a little bit of mulatto still coming through,” Lederman said. When you hear Lederman’s comments it sounds like a white slave master crowing about his prized bed wench collection. Who is this white Jewish man to even look at African American women? African Americans need to take steps to quiet people like Lederman in 2021 and the future. The first step is for African American men to stand up for the African American female. On the other hand, African American females need to stop seeking love from males of these other races. This holds true for the African American male. Until African Americans gain respect from other races, intermingling needs to cease.

African Americans have to start demanding respect in all segments of society. African Americans need to start respecting each other and showcasing these actions to the world. The racist comments will cease once African Americans show the world they respect and will stand up for one another.

African Americans cannot continue to grin and blow off disparaging comments by any race, no matter how much economic power that race wields. There has to be a form of reckoning when someone disrespects African American people. African Americans need to use the little economic power they have to boycott any business that employs the person who states something untoward about the race. African Americans have to stop crying to the media to force the government to punish the offending person, since both the media and government are bastions of white power.

African Americans should learn from Lederman’s comments. African Americans must use these comments to teach their children the fact that no other race cares about them. African Americans need to stand tall and command the respect that they are due from other races. African Americans need to stop being the door mat for other races to wipe their feet on when they come to the USA. African Americans need to be proud that they have color and are not fish belly white. African Americans need to embrace the fact that the color of their skin is a blessing, not a toast setting.

Frank James IV © 2021

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