The casualties of assimilation

August 2, 2018

Being Frank

By: Frank James
Special to the Milwaukee Times

There are certain talents that are unique to various races. In a perfect society these talents would be fostered to ensure success of everyone. In US society this is only partially true. The talents of those who have Caucasian backgrounds are fostered and celebrated. The talents of those who have African backgrounds are crushed or exploited. The African American situation comes from the futile pursuit of assimilation into a society that will never accept them. This pursuit has led to casualties that cripple the 2018 African American.

Over the decades many people have screamed for the African American to integrate into US society. We all know of the laws passed, so I will not bore you with the nonsense. Integration sounded like the cure for all the social ills that plagued the USA. This may have worked if African Americans would have been allowed to be and express their talents to work alongside Caucasian people as equals. That was not what happened. What came out of the marches and legislation was a perverse form of assimilation. Assimilate means conform or make to resemble. This act of assimilation is what has caused the lack of identity and pride in the African American community in 2018.

By assimilating into the society of the USA, the African American has sacrificed their soul. The spirit of a people is usually what carries the race forward. If you look at the 2018 version of the African American people, they have gone backwards. The natural progress any normal life form exhibits is not shown in the 2018 African American. If you look at the race as a whole they have lost the glamour or swag that defined the race. The natural pride and haughtiness that forged the creative mindset that could have shaken the planet is gone. The 2018 African American is looked down upon by every other race in the USA and the world. Sadly in 2018, people from Africa look down upon the African American. The African American Soul is one casualty of assimilation.

The pride of any race is their women. The African American quest for assimilation has sacrificed the African American female. Originally the African American female was a forced bed wench for the Caucasian during slavery. The raping continued throughout the sharecropping era. If African Americans have progressed, why then are many African American females still bed wenches? Assimilation. The sacrifice of millions of African American females who had to put up with being bed wenches in order to see the race live on has been wasted. The prideful African American woman is another casualty of assimilation.

The greatest casualty is the African American male. You have to search hard to find a more pathetic excuse for a man. Oh the African American male will kill another African American without a thought. Ask this same African American male killer to think about anything pro-black and he cowers in the dark. What can be expected from a man whose greatest aspiration is to either work for or entertain the people who exploit him? What can be said about a man who allows himself to be prostrated over a mantle of subjugation and exploited? Keep in mind the African American male is genetically and mentally superior to any other man on the planet. In 2018 the African American male just wants to live, eat and watch sports. African American manhood is also a casualty of assimilation.

I know, I know. People have to play the game. This is true to an extent. Should African Americans just play the game while continuing to pursue assimilation, or knock the game board over? Think about it.

Frank James IV © 2018

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