How are you?

March 27, 2013

Being Frank

By Frank James IV

The world turns, football’s over and it’s almost baseball season. The politics of the nation continues to be a cesspool and crime is still a major problem. But how are you? How are you doing, dear reader? How is your life going? Do you know your life’s path? If so, is the path one of your choosing?

It’s been said that the average person spends 90 percent of his time worrying about other people’s business. That business may be in the form of gossip about peers or family. Many people spend the majority of their waking hours worrying about the state of the USA. Vast amounts of people spend their time focusing on the entertainment world via sports or movies. But how are you doing, dear reader? Do you know?

Anyone can criticize people whether they know them or not. How many can criticize themselves? The easy way in life is to criticize rich people who you’ll never meet. But does this form of criticism make you feel better? How do you feel when you do this, dear reader? How are you feeling now? What are your thoughts and what makes you think them? Many say if you know the origin of thoughts you will have the key to piece of mind.

Let’s look at your thoughts. Where do you get your thoughts? Are your thoughts harmonious or are they petty and vindictive? Do your thoughts bring a smile to your face or a scowl? A good number of people harbor resentment for things done to them in the past. This brings angry and bitter thought to their minds. Is your mind consumed with perceived past slights? If it is and these thoughts of past grievances aren’t making you feel happy why are you thinking about them?

In ancient Rome the rulers used the gladiator pit to keep the population from realizing how pathetic their lives were. Is this tactic being used on you dear reader in modern day America? Is their anything wrong with allowing your mind to be diverted in order to stay sane? No. But this leads back to the question, how do you really feel? Do you feel that your life is just a monotonous trek back and forth to a job? Has your life become the epitome of suffering because of a lackluster relationship? If so why have you allowed this to happen?

Why do the majority of Americans care so much about other people’s lives? Could the answer be because they feel their own lives are nothing? Is this the reason many people live their lives through sports teams, political parties, or Hollywood? What are your feelings about your state of mind? Do you even take the time to look at your state of mind? More importantly, do you have a state of mind and if so is it of your creation?

The path you have chosen in life, was it your choice? Many people do what society dictates when dealing with both occupational and personal choices. Are you doing what you want to do or are you just doing what Mama feels is right? While you are doing what you do, how do you feel? Are you feeling happy and harmonious with the world and yourself? If you aren’t maybe it’s time to re-evaluate yourself. The same amount of energy used to talk about others should be applied to the creation of a new you. The only life that matters is your own and how you feel should be number one on the agenda.

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