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March 14, 2019

Being Frank

By: Frank James
Special to the Milwaukee Times

There are many things a person can complain about in life. Many people have issues with their occupations. Other people will have a gripe about the society they were born into, or even the era. Through all of the complaining, we should never forget the beauty of life.

Your life is special and priceless; after all, what would you do without it? Many people in the world seem to forget that life is beautiful. The reason many people forget about the beauty of life is the ego trip that locks them into a negative outlook. These are the people who seem to thrive in what can only be termed as misery. Even with this misery addiction these people should be thankful that life will allow them the misery they crave. Isn’t that a beautiful thing?

The beauty to live, create or follow a plan for your life is what makes this wonderful. One can moan, complain to their heart’s desire and life will give them what they need to keep them moaning. A person can choose to live carefree without stress and life will let them. Anything you want is there for the taking in this life and that is the beauty of it.

One thing many people equate with happiness is money. Money will bring stuff and certain people into your life. Never think that money equals happiness. Another beautiful aspect of life is that it will allow a person to believe money equals happiness and let them live accordingly. This person may never achieve the money status they want but life will let them go to their grave believing money to be happiness.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Everyone has heard this saying. This statement should be applied to life. Many people spend so much time in other people’s lives that they never understand the statement. I cannot judge or say the status of another person’s life because it is theirs. If I agree that one sees beauty to their specifications then I understand the same thing about life. What may seem an ugly life to me may be seen as a beautiful life to another. In reality the only person who needs to see a life in any judgment form is the person living the life in question.

Often people miss out on the beauty of life because they are too busy living in the past. Past slights and missed opportunities keep many from going forward in the now. The beauty of life is the fact that every second is a chance to break free from the situation you are in. If you can’t get out physically, then mentally is always an option. Another beautiful aspect of life is if a person wants to live in the past and rehash old slights, then life will allow them to live out their days doing this.

When we look at life with a mentally free aspect it is beautiful. When we understand that where we are in life is a creation of our own, then life becomes extremely beautiful. The key to the beauty of life is choice. What choice are you making to enjoy the beauty of life?

Frank James IV © 2019

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