Being Frank By Frank James IV 11/7/2013

November 13, 2013

What’s behind the chaos?
The world is in a state of constant confusion. People every place on the planet are in a state of constant chaos. Technology was supposed to cure people of various anxieties but instead seems to have created more. Many people rush to doctors to receive therapy or drugs to calm themselves. Other people turn to sports or hobbies to achieve peace. But where is the confusion and chaos coming from? The answer is reading this article.
Take a good look at the world outside your window. Try to do this without an opinion about anything you may see. If someone is walking past don’t analyze their clothes or looks, just observe. Once you try this you understand how hard this may be. The majority of people start judging things and others the minute they see them. Most people make snap judgments when they see someone or something instead of observing without an opinion. The next thing to come into a person’s mind after a judgment is made is emotions.
The emotions people connect to what they observe in this world lead them to chaos. The sad part is the chaos isn’t taking place anywhere outside of their head. This is the reason you can look at someone and immediately feel some form of emotion. If the emotion is unconditional love then you are great. But in most cases the feelings aren’t so great. Please keep in mind lust is not unconditional love.
How many times have you looked at someone and felt that they were untrustworthy after a quick glance? Be honest with yourself because one way to overcome mental chaos is truth to oneself. How many times after knowing the person were you correct or wrong? No one is suggesting you blindly open yourself to everyone you meet thinking they’re going to be loving people. What is being suggested in a review of why you think or judge the way you do? What part of your mind or being is telling you to distrust or lust after someone or a situation?
How many times have you prepared yourself for confrontations inside your head that never take place in the real world? What is the number of times you were getting ready to tell someone off if they said something to you? Be truthful, because the only one who knows is you, so why lie? Looking back at these mental battle preparations, how many battles actually happened outside your head? At last we start to see the force behind the chaos not only in your head but in everyone else’s also.
This is why technology will never bring a person peace. The cell phone was supposed to keep people in contact to avoid any missed communications. In reality the cell phone has created more chaos because people are talking too much without thinking. One quick example is relationships. The cell phone has been the cause of more break-ups than strip clubs. The main reason is people in relationships are expected to answer a text or call right away. Heaven forbid if someone gets a text or call at the wrong time. Instead of fortifying relationships cell phones have become a ball and chain in relationships.
Once that voice in your head gets going about any subject it can drive you crazy. If you are having problems sleeping it’s usually because that voice in your head is driving you crazy with scenarios that never happen. Like Sam Gold in Revolver that voice is in everyone’s head telling them it’s their best friend and people believe they and it are one. So if you want to know where the chaos originates, listen to that voice and learn.

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