Let it all go

December 27, 2012

Happy New YearBeing Frank

By Frank James IV

The year 2012 is over and the New Year 2013 is upon us. What will people do? Will people begin the New Year with a blank slate or will people carry old problems into the New Year? The bringing of old problems into new times has gone on for the past several centuries. The results vary depending on who you ask or how you look at things. Since 2012 is over why not try something different and leave 2012’s problems in 2012? Why not let it all go and move into 2013 free?

The ending of 2012 was filled with untold tragedies. You had suicide murders in sports and school shootings in suburb areas. 2012 ended in a way that would traumatize the average person. Why bring such dire news and emotions into the New Year? Why keep reliving these atrocious events over and over in your mind? Will punishing yourself mentally over anything change the past? Unless you are into sadomasochism then this mental abuse is useless.

The New Year should be a time to create new opportunities in life. Many people are not able to change their careers but they can change their minds. For centuries the majority people have carried old problems with them year after year. There are some factions in the world that have carried supposed slights or problems for decades. The question has to be asked: By carrying these issues throughout the years has anything changed?

One issue that needs to be left in 2012 is racism. African Americans need to leave that belief in 2012. Is there a such thing as racism in the world? Yes. Should people be a prisoner to the supposed evils of racism? No. For three centuries in North America alone, blacks have carried the burden of racism. Has anything changed from the rolling over of this burden? Unless things change children will be born in 2013 and grow up angry over actions that happened in the 1960’s. Will this new generation of burden carriers change the abuse blacks faced in 1960? Is it possible that because the majority of African Americans won’t let racism go that racism thrives?

The more you resist something the stronger that something becomes. The longer you carry a burden the heavier the burden gets. Isn’t it time to let some of the burdens and outmoded ways of thought go? What would people be giving up by letting things like racism, tragedies, and sadistic thoughts go? What would people lose by leaving these types of mental parasites in 2012 and going into 2013 mentally free?

The New Year is the perfect time for everyone to start over with a new blank page. Society as a whole seems to thrive on confusion. But do individuals thrive on confusion? Can the world keep rolling along on a diet of fear, anger and mental sickness? The answer is truly an individual perspective. People will have to ask themselves: how do I want to live and think? There is no right or wrong answer because no one can say what’s right for another. But ask yourself: what would I lose if I let it all go?

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