We are still here

October 4, 2018

Being Frank

By: Frank James
Special to the Milwaukee Times

After more than 500 years of oppression and hate in the USA alone, Black people are still here. Blacks in the USA call themselves African Americans in 2018; but they are black and still here. Black people around the world have been conquered, enslaved and targeted for annihilation for more than 2500 years, but we are still here. Through all the misery, strife and pain that has been dished out towards the Black race, they have survived. This has to lead to the question, “Who or what are you?”

I won’t bother to retell the glories of Kemet, or the myths of Lemuria to extoll the history of the Black race. The focus is on the fact that there has not been another nationality in the history of the planet that has faced what Blacks have around the world. Blacks on every continent they reside have been hated, killed, faced with forced assimilation, and yet they still are here. If you ask some scholars they will tell you that Black people are thriving. These scholars must mean the birthrate because they can’t mean financially or culturally.

Let’s talk about the mental, physical and genetic annihilation tactic that was slavery in the USA. For hundreds of years Black people were put through one of the harshest forms of slavery on the planet in the good ole USA. Murder was a tool used by Caucasians to enforce their will and dominance on Black people. (Cough, cough, their religion also.) Black people were denied the right to speak their native language or even keep their names. White people stripped all pride from Black people and rewashed the Black mind with a dumbed down white one. Yet there are still Black minded people in the USA. How can this be? More importantly, who or what are these people to still be able to think after such treatment?

Ego will say that Black people are gods who have lost their path. I enjoy writing that line. Reality, or what you deem reality, will tell you a different story. In every genetic lab or science book, the dominant gene is of Black origin. This is a fact that all Caucasian people with sense know. In its natural state the Black physique is the one every other race wishes they had. Why do you think Caucasian people created steroids for men and breast and behind enhancements for women? If you don’t believe me about the genes, look up Henrietta Lacks and read about her cells. Maybe Black people are some form of lost demi-gods that are suffering from amnesia. One thing is for certain, there is no other race that could have faced, or still faces, what Black people have over the centuries and still exist.

If you question what I’m saying, look at the Jewish people. If Hitler had won there wouldn’t be a Jewish person left in Europe. Twelve years of persecution had the Jewish people on the ropes. Imagine if they had faced 2500 years of different forms of Hitler. Would there be any Jewish people after 2500 years of being threatened with murder, mentally/physically raped and then brainwashed to have Stockholm syndrome? I think you know the answer to that. Blacks lost everything including their minds, and yet there are still Black people walking the planet.

That leads us back to the question, “Who are Black people?” That, my dear reader, is the $64,000 question that Black people have to answer individually. I can’t answer it for anyone but myself. I will say this; when I question I look to the stars and see Orion and go from there.

Frank James IV © 2018

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