When will you wake up?

June 9, 2022

There have been events in the past few years that should have awakened the African American community. The police brutality and murders should have been a definite wake-up call. The flagrant proliferation of arms by Caucasian people that hints of a race war. Yet, African Americans are ignoring or downplaying these situations. Why? Maybe because the NBA Playoffs are taking place. I have to once again ask, “African American people, when will you wake up?”

Marching in the streets and singing church hymns has not cut it for African Americans in the USA. These tactics do make preachers and so – called activists famous, but do little for the African American community. The violence directed towards African Americans is escalating in its levels. The killing spree conducted by Peyton Gendron in Buffalo, NY was a clear sign of this. Any white person in the USA is being given carte blanche access to commit murder in the African American community. Why? Many African Americans are too caught up eating chicken wings and watching pro sports to care. Other African Americans are too mind-wiped via societal programming to even know what is happening in the USA. African Americans, wake up.

African American people in Wisconsin should have felt shivers when the shooting in Buffalo went down. The Kyle Rittenhouse fiasco of a few years back could have ended in a similar blood bath. In both incidents you have Caucasian teens who have access to high powered weapons. Both went out of their way to be someplace where they had no right to be. Rittenhouse drove to Kenosha from Illinois. Gendron drove 200 miles to Buffalo to do his deed. African American people, do you see the pattern here? While you smoke and pop pills thinking you are in a party, the next generation of Caucasians is planning your funeral.

African American people have been savaged by police and other legal authorities in the USA since day one. African Americans now have to acknowledge the fact that the police may be the least of their worries, There is a large number of Caucasian males who are flocking to the banner of white supremacist movements in the USA. While African Americans are teaching their children how to shoot three’s, Caucasians are teaching their children to shoot AR-15’s. African American preachers are in the pulpit talking about paying tithes and cracking jokes or saying pray. The Ku Klux Klan is talking about preserving the white Christian way of life. This is just one example of the mind numbness that pervades the African American community. It is a mind numbness that is going to get a lot of African Americans killed.

There is one major reason why Caucasian people feel like they can do whatever they want including kill African Americans. African Americans seem to enjoy killing each other. The crazy shootings that take place in the African American community are always on the news. Other races watch the news and figure, “Hey, African Americans like dying so why not get some target practice in?” African American self-hate has progressed to the point where they see each other as targets, not assets. I could beat a dead horse and say the music industry has enhanced this self-hate, but you already know this. With the cheap way African Americans spend their lives, is there any wonder a race that hates them is planning their demise?

Wake up, African Americans. Start understanding where you are. All the voting, praying, marching and hoping hasn’t changed the hostile environment you live in. The USA was designed by Caucasians for Caucasians. No amount of legislation is going to change this. African Americans need to stop thinking they can buy respect or equality in the USA. No one respects a person who has no respect for themselves or their family. African Americans need to wake up and show each other respect and then demand it from every other race.

Frank James IV © 2022

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