The sun will rise

August 29, 2019

There has been much confusion in the USA over the past several weeks. The political situation in the USA has been in confusion since 1776. There have been atrocities committed from the use of weapons. The New York Yankees’ starting pitchers have been alternating between mediocre and bad. Through all of these trials and tests of faith in the USA remember good people; the sun will rise in the morning.

If you watch the news or read news via newspaper or Internet you are bombarded with confusion. The saga that rages in Washington, DC is a soap opera that has gone on since the British left these shores. Why lose your mind over what the President, Senator, Congress or City Council person says? I observe people drawing mental lines that seem to eerily line up with race over what the politicians say to the media. A few people in Congress got ridiculed by their boss one week. Weeks later it is revealed a so-called majority leader made a shady deal with a foreign power. These are a few examples of the ongoing confusion that Americans are peppered with. Relax everyone. Understand these situations have been going on for centuries and in the morning the sun will rise.

Gun violence tragedies have wracked the psyche of the nation over the past month. What can be said of these wild, insane acts of random violence that hasn’t been said already? The USA prides itself on being a modern, trendsetting nation. In many cases, the US is. When it comes to the use of guns the USA is at the level of barbarism. Fear is a tool used to fuel the need for certain factions in the US to have several weapons in their homes. In many cities it is common to see people walking around with their weapons on their hip like Dodge City in Gunsmoke. Why? Who knows? Maybe guns at home, and on your person make these people feel safe. We could argue for decades about stricter gun laws, and people have already, but guns are here to stay. Remember wonderful people; the sun will rise in the morning.

Many people are living a life they would rather not. Whether it is because of a lack of money or love, a great number of people are miserable. In the USA citizens are often too wrapped up listening to other people’s lives and situations to assess their own. If I am on Instagram looking at how the rich and famous live, then my lower middle class lifestyle is going to seem bland. If I watch the news and let it influence my thoughts I will soon be at a gun shop buying an AR-15 along with a few Glock 9MM to protect myself. What people have to understand is that no matter how bleak or fearful life seems, the sun will rise in the morning.

I am using the sun to show people the fact that there is always going to be light after dark. This means that even though there are several negative things going on in the world, the light will shine again. There will come a day, very soon, where the light will break through on this planet again and fear will become a thing of the past. For every stupid quote or act by a politician there are millions of good deeds by common people. For every tragedy there are countless acts of kindness performed daily that go unnoticed. Wonderful people, you have to take the goodness that you receive and focus on it and let the negative fade away.

The sun will rise in the morning. If for some reason you wake up and the sun is not in the sky then you have problems. Oh yeah, the New York Yankees will overcome their pitching woes and win the World Series this year just like the sun will rise in the morning.

Frank James IV © 2019

The opinions expressed in this editorial are those of the writer and not of the Milwaukee Times Weekly Newspaper or NCON Communication, its staff or management. “Being Frank” is a bi-weekly column exclusive to the Milwaukee Times

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