March 17, 2022

The way to get to the end of a journey is to take steps. African Americans have taken steps to reach a collective goal in the USA. The goal African Americans are heading towards differs depending upon who you ask. The fact is, African Americans are making some strides towards achieving some sort of growth on all levels of society in the USA.

There are a number of African American owned business across the USA. Just take a look at all the barber shops, beauty salons and eating places. In a slow round about way African Americans are getting an economic foothold in the USA. True, it may resemble more of a toe hold, but it is there and can be capitalized upon. I won’t even try to fathom the number of African Americans who are promoting their business or talents on the internet. No matter what the trade or product, African Americans are generating income.

The number of African Americans in the education field is vast. African Americans in education is a key element to African American growth on every level of society. African Americans are filling key roles in school districts around the country. An African American superintendent of schools is not a shock any more. There has always been a number of African American instructors and principals in the USA. African Americans are also counseling and creating academic content in and for districts around the country. The educating of African Americans combined with an economic base is sound groundwork for African American achievement in the world.

They may seem small, but the accomplishment of Deion Sanders at Jackson State University is a giant leap in sports. Sanders has managed to recruit the number one high school football player in the USA. The signing of Travis Hunter to go to a historically black college is huge. It is a step African Americans can use to promote and generate big time money for HBCU’s. Just think of the money slave states like Alabama and Georgia generate from the exploitation of African American student athletes. That source of income would and should be going to colleges like Jackson State, Tennessee State, Wilberforce University or any other historically black college, not only in football, but all sports. The ability to keep African American talent at HBCU’s will increase the level of income which will lead to better facilities and instruction.

Better educated college graduates in the African American community will lead to better African American politicians. African Americans had a taste of what could be done with an African American president in Barack Obama. Just imagine if Obama had more African Americans in Congress. What could he have accomplished? Kamala Harris may one day run for and become President. Highly educated African Americans in Congress can assist Harris in getting things done in the USA. A strong African American economic base can be used to ensure things get done the way African Americans want them. This may be some years away, but the first steps have been taken. African American just need to realize the steps have been taken.

African Americans will gain from a solid financial base and strong education at every level. In order to succeed or become a force on the planet you to have these factors working in your favor. Have African Americans achieved this? No. Yet, the first few steps have been taken. It is up to African Americans where these steps will lead. Will these steps lead to respect and possible conquest? Or will these steps be wasted and African Americans wind up as an exhibit in the Smithsonian Museum?

Frank James IV © 2022

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