2021: Changes or continued ignorance?

January 14, 2021

Welcome to 2021. 2020 is in the trash bin of history. Many people in the USA are breathing a sigh of relief because 2020 has come to an end. COVID-19 has punished the US population over the past 10 months. 2021 is being viewed by many people as a chance for the US to gain a semblance of normalcy in all facets of life. Will the US rebound and go into 2021 with fresh ideas? Or will the majority of people in the US carry the ignorance of 2020 into the New Year?

In the African American community 2021 should be viewed as an opportunity to apply old lessons retaught during 2020. In 2020 African Americans had to be enrolled in refresher courses on topics that they should have mastered two centuries ago. The fact that African Americans are not equal to whites in the USA was reinforced. The reality that Black lives matter as long as African Americans know their place. The sad truth that Black males are still public enemy number one. 2021 should go smoothy as long as African Americans are clear in the understanding that they are second class citizens in the USA.

In 2021 the US government has agreed to send more money in the form of 600 dollars to many citizens. This stimulus check will be a needed boon for many Americans. Yet, there are many businesses that will not reopen when the COVID 19 pandemic passes. If the US population does not overcome old platforms of economic dispersement, then no amount of stimulus will help. The USA has to let go of the racist ideology that strives to keep money isolated in old white institutions that have permeated US society since 1776.

The education system has changed in many major US cities. The virtual classroom has become the norm. In 2021 many cities are preparing to bring children back into the physical classroom. Parents should have a good idea of what they send to the school in the form of a child. This new knowledge gained from parents having to be on lockdown with their children. Will parents use the knowledge to hold their children accountable for actions in school? Or will parents simply breath a sigh of relief and send the same old product back into the classroom? Only time will tell if the majority of parents learned anything from their time with their offspring.

2020 was a time for people to get to know the person in the mirror. Many people had time to do the all-important self-assessment. The need to overlook one’s own shortcomings is typical to all races of people. A person that took time during various COVID-19 lockdown protocols to look at oneself and situation in 2020 should have a great 2021. Understanding that you can be your own best friend or worst enemy can change a life in a positive way. You can complain that the government isn’t doing anything. Or you can moan about racism holding you back. These may be true statements. The biggest thing holding a person back is usually between their ears. In 2021 at least acknowledge your role in your lot in life. Once this is done find some way to make a change or two for the better. Enjoy 2021 and let ignorance from 2020 RIP.

Frank James IV © 2021

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