Resurrection of the economy

May 28, 2020

The US economy has been in a state of flux for years. There have been several mini-crashes on Wall Street since the Great Depression. None of these has been as severe as the impact COVID 19 has had on the US economy. The situation became so critical that the US government sent out stimulus checks to citizens to keep people afloat. The stimulus check was a great idea but let’s tweak this plan to really impact the economy. Let’s give the next stimulus package only to African Americans and increase the amount to $50, 000.

I can hear white people and even African Americans shouting for my head. “Give $50,000 to some shiftless Negroes?” Hear me out. The African American is the ultimate consumer. African Americans have no industry of their own to invest in. Many African Americans are not thinking about sending their children to college or saving money. African Americans have no country to send money back to in order to rejuvenate their home country’s economy. Every dime of the fifty thousand would be spent in the borders of the USA. Well a few African Americans may go on vacation in other countries. Still even that money would be spent with US-based air or sea travel companies. Giving African Americans the money is a win for the country.

The auto industry would again boom like it was 1968. The Big Three would have to hire new employees to keep African Americans in Chargers, Challengers, Camaros and Mustangs. Many African Americans would have to finance a part of the cost so this would stimulate the lending institutions in the USA. Insurance companies would benefit from the increase of new Detroit Iron rolling off assembly lines and into the ghetto. Even the repossession trade would boom because there would be a number of African Americans who would wind up losing the car after paying over 50 percent of the cost.

Shopping malls in the US have taken an economic hit because of the COVID 19 pandemic. This stimulus plan would rectify the loss overnight. Malls would boom with the influx of African Americans with money. The doors of major malls would be torn off the hinges by the crowds of money-spending African Americans. This influx of African Americans with money would call for stores to hire more employees and malls to hire security. This creates opportunities for employment and economic growth in an area of the economy that has suffered of late.

Can you imagine the amount of Air Jordan, Polo, and PINK attire that would fly off the shelves? Nike could release more Jordan shoes than ever before. Foot Locker would need an entire floor of a mall to accommodate the number of African Americans pouring into the store. Victoria’s Secret would have to increase PINK production by 500 percent to keep African American females in legging so they can hit the club scene in ghetto fabulous style. All of this retail money would be staying in the US and stimulating the economy.

The restaurant industry would shatter any previous record for profits. From fast food to elite five-star restaurants, all would have lines around the block. African Americans have a high level of obesity for a reason and eating is the nominee. Can you imagine how many African Americans would be sitting in restaurants daily for all three meals? Places like Cheesecake Factory, Olive Garden, and Friday’s would post profits never before even thought of. The old standby’s like McDonald’s and Popeye’s would also benefit from this influx of money to African Americans.

There you have it. If the US wants to truly stimulate the economy and be great again, give African Americans the money. It is not like African Americans would step into a higher level of citizenship from this. Once the fifty thousand is gone they will settle back into post slavery status. It’s all they know.

Frank James IV © 2020

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