Are there any Black people left?

February 6, 2020

It is Black History Month in the USA. This is the month the Caucasians allow African Americans to openly celebrate their history. During this month you will hear about the people Caucasian society has accepted and allow African Americans to celebrate. Martin Luther King Jr., Harriet Tubman, etc., will be dusted off and paraded around this month. There will even be Black History programs in most public schools. The trillion- dollar question is, “Are there any Black people left to celebrate their history?”

There are around 41 million- plus African Americans in the US, according to the US Census Bureau. How many of this number are truly Black? I am not talking about skin tone, but Black in their mind and soul? That leads us to the question, “What is a Black person?” Hmm. Let’s attempt to answer this conundrum.

I have said for decades that there is a difference between an African American and a Black person. In my opinion an African American is one who has totally embraced the US culture. This is the person who always uses the word “we” when referring to topics pertaining to elements of US society. You will hear this African American talking about the economy saying, “Our economy…” Or when referring to white owned sports teams, “We need to fire our coach…” What I’m saying in 2020 is nothing that Malcolm X didn’t say in the 1960’s. Sadly, sixty years later many still don’t grasp the concept of identifying with anything in US society is counterproductive to Black people.

Another difference between an African American and a Black person is they believe the feces that is Caucasian propaganda. This African American believes in education, religion, anything Caucasians put in front of them. Education is feces at best for Black people in the US. Education in the US is a form of White propaganda at its best and subliminally anti-Black. The African American believes that the white education system is the way to freedom. With this mindset this African American grasps the worthless titles bestowed, Doctor or Master, and thinks it makes them someone. This is why in 2020 there are many African Americans in power positions in education and African American children have only advanced in the number of special education students. The religion ruse is obvious. No one prays as much as African Americans. Yet the African American community is rife with crime and lack of morals. These disgraceful facts are manifested even with a church on almost every corner of the African American community.

I know a great number of people do not like what I’m saying, prove me wrong. Right. Let’s continue with the differences between a Black person and African American. A Black person knows that something is horribly wrong with the way the world is going. A Black person knows that everything in the US is mutable, a tool to be used. Education is nothing but something to use for a time being. A Black person understands that Caucasians have used religion to conquer more countries than guns. A Black person understands that the most important battle against Caucasians takes place in their heads. A Black person understands that fear of everything is one key tool Caucasians use to keep African Americans docile and subservient.

A Black person knows that the community is saturated with sell out African Americans who want to keep the status quo in place. A Black person understands that this Oreo/ Dove bar African American has been so mis-educated and programmed until they are tainted beyond repair. These African Americans only see their self-worth through Caucasian standards. A Black person understands the saga of this African American and uses it as a warning to stay sharp and Black. This leads us back to the question, “Are there any Black people left?” What are you?

Frank James IV © 2020

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