Educated for poverty

November 6, 2015

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If a lion takes his cub to the antelope and tells him to raise him to be a lion, what do you think the antelope will do? Will the antelope raise the lion to be a fierce hunter? Is it in the best interests of the antelope to have the cub grow up to be king of the jungle? More importantly, is it in the antelope’s offspring’s best interest to have the cub grow up to meet their potential? No. Why, then, do African Americans expect Caucasians to train their children to be rulers of society? The graduation rate difference between whites and blacks in Wisconsin is substantial. The numbers 92 percent white and 66 percent black tell the story. Some will say that this means the school system is failing. Others will ask what can be done? But what needs to be looked at is the paradigm of society. America uses the pyramid model.

This means there is more room at the bottom than the top. Looking back at the lion and antelope scenario, the graduation numbers make sense. For hundreds of years African Americans have sought to guilt-trip white Americans into helping them. African Americans have attempted to beg, plead and coerce whites into saving them. The whites have looked the other way and pretended to not hear black pleas. But the whites were listening. The whites waited until the blacks were ready to go for anything they gave them to assimilate. Then the whites integrated the schools. The antelope got the lion to give them their cubs. If you look at the school system from this standpoint then it is not a failure. The system is doing just what is created to do. It is shaping African American children into menial jobs, slavery.

To work for minimum wage and either go to prison or the strip club for work doesn’t take a Harvard degree. This is the result of blindly giving your children over to people who have their own best interests in mind. Anyone will tell you there are more low-level jobs in America than high-level positions. Someone has to do the grunt jobs that keep the cogs of America going. If you were white and had to choose between your child and a black one, which would you choose? Better yet, if African Americans were on top and white people on the bottom what would they do? You can’t blame whites for ensuring their children stay on top, anything else would be foolish. Does this mean the school system should be abandoned? No. African Americans are in too deep. This means that the people who should be held responsible are the parents.

It is up to the parents to ensure their child can read, write and do math. The parent is the one who needs to step up and ensure their child knows how to interact civilly with others. Politicians and ministers will say anything for a vote or an offering; there is no help there. Parents are the key to changing the paradigm. African Americans can learn from the The Lion King. In the beginning Simba was chased out of the Pride-land and had to live with his prey. Timon and Pumbaa raise Simba to not eat meat and live like them ensuring their survival. Simba grows up and lives a carefree life never realizing he is a king. Ignorance is bliss. If this is true, then like Simba, African Americans are being educated according to plan. Hopefully, like Simba, African Americans will wake up and realize they are royalty.