A call for celebration

July 12, 2018

Being Frank

By: Frank James
Special to the Milwaukee Times

The Fourth of July has passed. The leftover ribs and potato salad are gone. The new outfits have been worn and are in the laundry. The fireworks are a forgotten memory and the drudge of everyday life has taken over again. For 242 years African Americans have been a part of the celebration of the birth of the USA. What are African Americans celebrating? Let’s take a look at some of the things the 2018 African American celebrated this past July Fourth in the USA.

Let’s start with the influence of entertainment on the African American people. The way African Americans have allowed entertainers, from rappers to pro athletes, influence their way of life is a glorious call for celebration. The music industry has made smoking marijuana the in thing for the African American. The pro athlete has shaped dress and future goals for both sexes in the African American community. Growing a beard or getting several tattoos are the norm for anyone playing basketball, and in the African American community who isn’t playing the game? African American females are dunking at this point, so pass out the sparklers.

Another thing the African American community is celebrating is the end of hunger in the community. When you go into the bleakest inner city area you see several obese people. This obesity comes from good eating. The African American is always around the top of the obesity chart. The African American has gone from starving slaves to well fed gourmands even in the ghetto. If a grand belly were still a sign of wealth then African Americans would be some of the richest people on the planet. I guess this is why the African American people celebrate the Fourth by having intense feasts on the day. A slab of ribs, a good portion of spaghetti, cole slaw or potato salad and the knowledge that you can get seconds or thirds…whoopee. That’s the American Dream.

African Americans could be celebrating the loss of fashion sense on the Fourth. At one point in the history of this country African Americans were known as sharp dressers. The majority of African Americans kept themselves neat no matter what clothes they wore. I remember an older person saying how the men kept their coveralls creased back in Mississippi during the sharecropping years. This is a far cry from the 2018 African American. The 2018 African American male usually wears attire that looks as if they are going to play basketball. Even African American men in their fifties walk around in gym shoes and team shirts wherever they go. The African American female has adopted sport leggings as if they were Jones New York power suits. With the obesity level in the African American community this usually leads to a bizarre look.

There are so many things the African American can be celebrating on July Fourth. The lack of student achievement in schools is cause for celebrating. The lack of pride in the African American community is another stand out cause. The European conquest of the African American female that has spread to other races is reason to shout and light fireworks. The neutered African American male has people running to the fireworks store and grocer to get party supplies. The total assimilation of African Americans into the subservient role they play in society, and the African American acceptance of the crass exploitation by all other races is another grand reason for celebration.

Yes, the African American has many things to celebrate on the Fourth of July. The creation of the country that has treated African Americans as first class citizens is reason enough for celebration. What other country could African American youth aspire to be modern day slaves and enjoy the employment?

Frank James IV © 2018

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