Four what?

July 7, 2022

African Americans have celebrated another Independence Day in the USA. African Americans enjoyed the day off from work. African Americans dined greedily on ribs, various forms of sausage, and of course, chicken wings. Many African Americans purchased new outfits to showcase their pride in their country. With all of this expenditure by African Americans to celebrate the USA’s glorious birth, I have to ask, “Four what?”

Have you ever heard of a prisoner celebrating their place of imprisonment? Have you ever heard of a murdered person’s family celebrating the person who killed their relative? Have you ever seen a brutally raped and abused woman throw a party for her rapist? Have you ever heard of the parents of a kidnapped child have a barbecue in honor of the people who kidnapped and later sold their child? I introduce you to the 2022 African American. African Americans not only celebrate their prison while coveting the dungeon they are in, they love their captors. The African American in the USA is something that has not been seen in the long history of this planet. The insane love and effort expended by African Americans in an attempt to be apart of a society that has constantly urinated in their faces is unparalleled in history. I would compare African Americans to an abused spouse who loves their abusive other half. That comparison is wrong. The abused spouse at one time was wooed by the abusive other half and later realized they purchased a pig in a poke.

African Americans have never been wooed by US society. African Americans were brought here in chains, beaten, raped and killed. There was never any love expressed towards African Americans when the USA was formed. No, not even the interactions between white men and African American women in slavery. Those acts were flat out rape and mind manipulation via material things and “standing” which came from freakish lust, not love.

The commitment is exhibited by African Americans in wearing red white and blue on or leading up to the Fourth of July. I even saw an African American with a flag tied around his neck like a cape. I guess ignorance is bliss. When this country was formed by the white men who often have their faces on money, African Americans were not in the conversation. The USA was created by whites for whites. Sadly, many of the whites who created the USA were the losers and ex-prisoners who could not make it in England. That is why I chuckle when I hear someone talk about correct English in the USA. The people of England laugh at how the best US citizen talks. Yet, the professional African American apes after the descendants of degenerates from a country of people that thought taking baths would kill them. God save the President.

The state of the 2022 African American is on the brink of extinction. Oh, there are plenty of African Americans walking around but, how many of them can think? How many African Americans even think about why they are doing what they do? I remember they had a TV show called, Duck Dynasty. I never watched the show, but saw the cast once. It was shortly after this that I noticed many African American males wearing these long beards. This is a classic example of a non-thinking person. Why would any African American want to look like some backwater Neanderthal? I could go on, the cigars, the adoption of alternative lifestyles, etc. African Americans simply do not think. This plain fact is going to lead to much more misery for African Americans in the future.

The fireworks are over. The ribs and chicken wings are gone. African Americans have reported to work and bragged about their Fourth of July parties. What were African Americans celebrating this past July 4th? Freedom? Equality? Economic power? What? What in President Biden’s name were African Americans celebrating? And four what?

Frank James IV © 2022

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