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    Milwaukee/NARI Foundation announces academic scholarship availability

    The Milwaukee/NARI Foundation, Inc., the educational and charitable arm of Milwaukee/NARI (National Association of the Remodeling Industry), announced a scholarship opportunity for students for the ... [Read More]

    Next Door awarded $25,000 grant from U.S. Bank Foundation

    Milwaukee nonprofit group, Next Door, awarded a $25,000 grant from U.S. Bank foundation

    The Milwaukee nonprofit group, Next Door, was awarded a $25,000 grant from the U.S. Bank Foundation. A check presentation took place on Friday, Aug. 28, at the U.S. Bank Midtown office located at 5526 ... [Read More]

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    Farrakhan Live in Milwaukee, WI


    Debate on Bucks’ arena continues

    Panelists praised the work on the new arena financing package negotiated by the City of Milwaukee during a Legislative Town Hall Meeting organized by state Senator Lena Taylor on July 23 at Greater New Birth Church, 8237 W. Silver Spring Rd. Supervisor Michael Mayo praised the negotiating team from the city while criticizing the county… [Read More]


    Chritian Faith Fellowship Church

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    Black Thought – Do your shopping habits impede Black business development?

    How are you aiding the development of black-owned and operated businesses in ... [Read More]


    Ominous clouds of deceit, injustice hang over the $82-million West Lawn Housing Project

    Last week, this community witnessed a press conference called by Milwaukee ... [Read More]


    Rebuilding our Community-So It’s Like That

    Call it wishful thinking or call it just like it is… people who live in some of ... [Read More]

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    Personal Finance and Business

    2014-10-03 13_05_25-Miltimes 10-2-14 issue.pdf - Adobe Reader

    Before co-signing a loan, know the risks

    Shakespeare probably said it best: "Neither a borrower, nor a lender be, for loan oft loses both itself and friend." Four hundred years later, people still wrestle with whether or not to help out a ... [Read More]

    In Remebrance of Emmett Till

    “In Remembrance of Emmett Till” by Darryl Mace

    What can you say about tragedy? When it’s imminent, you brace yourself and hope to come out unscathed. In its aftermath, you mourn and, eventually, you move on, healed… but not quite ever the ... [Read More]


    Black women are the only demographic not gaining jobs

    African American women are the only demographic in the United States whose unemployment rate has not improved over the past year, according to a National Women's Law Center analysis of the latest jobs ... [Read More]

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    Hayat Pharmacy donates backpacks and supplies for neghborhood students heading back-to-school

    A cool rainy morning on Saturday, August 29, 2015 did not deter guests of Hayat ... [Read More]


    Open Door Christian Worship Center holds annual community day and back-to-school fair

    The Open Door Christian Worship Center Church, 3223 W. Lloyd St., held its ... [Read More]


    Grace Fellowship ‘Sweet 16 Celebration’ barbecue

    As part of the “Sweet 16 Celebration” on August 30 for Senior Pastor Dr. Andrew ... [Read More]

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    Health and Fitness

    african mother and her son in doctor's office

    Before vaccinating your child, here’s what you should know

    With all the constant showing of back-to-school commercials from Target to ... [Read More]

    Your laptop on your lap: Not a good combination

    Nowadays, we work just about anywhere. From a corner table in Starbucks, to a ... [Read More]

    Knowing the cause of pneumonia is critical for older adults

    Viruses cause more pneumonia-related hospitalizations among American adults than ... [Read More]

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    What’s Happening?

    DDD 2-15-14 236 h

    Dads and daughters celebrate

    The special bond between a father and daughter was celebrated at the 11th Annual Daddy Daughter Dance. Over 800 dads and daughters packed the gym at North Division High School for an evening of ... [Read More]


    I Have A Dream Speech

    Milwaukee Honors The 5oth Anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I Have A Dream Speech I Have A Dream - 50 Years Later - Fighting for Victory - One Milwaukee Saturday, August 24, ... [Read More]


    Damascus Children and Youth Annual Musical

    The children and youth at Damascus Missionary Baptist Church, 2447 N. 27th Street, hosted their annual musical on Sunday, May 19,  2013 at 3:00 p.m. The youth Praise Team conducted the Praise and ... [Read More]

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    Happy African American family. Father with three teenage daughters together having a good time.


    Busy weeknights call for meals you can prepare quickly, but there’s no need to compromise on flavor and quality. One way to save time is combining fresh ingredients with frozen sides, such as those ... [Read More]


    Chicken Paella with French Green Beans

    Chicken Paella with French Green Beans Hands-on: 30 minutes Total: 60 minutes Servings: 6 (1 2/3 cups each) 2 tablespoons olive oil, divided 1 pound boneless skinless chicken thighs, cut into 1-inch ... [Read More]


    Ten affordable last-minute summer vacations (part 2 of 2)

    Mammoth Cave National Park: Kentucky If natural history with an air of mystery is your thing, Mammoth Cave National Park may be your perfect last-minute vacation. The world's longest cave system, ... [Read More]

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