Harambee Banquet dedicated to memory of Dr. James G. White, Milele Coggs honored for distinguished service

August 13, 2014

DSC_8139 DSC_8183 DSC_8197 DSC_8205 DSC_8209 DSC_8103 DSC_8162 DSC_8182“A Community Pulling Together to Help Solve Community Problems” was the theme for the WestCare Wisconsin inaugural Harambee Community Banquet honoring the late Dr. James G. White, which was held July 12, 2014 at Heart Love Place Ballroom, 3229 North Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Drive.
The mission of the Harambee Community Banquet is: to celebrate the historic and resilient Milwaukee Community by bringing together Harambee residents, vendors, businesses and service providers that are making substantive contributions for the greater good of the community.
Alderwoman Milele M. Coggs was presented the inaugural Dr. James G. White Human Service Award while the “Spirit of Harambee Award” was presented to Dr. Tito Izard, President & CEO of Milwaukee Health Services; Mr. Welford Sanders, Executive Director of the MLK Economic Development Corporation; Lori Lamers of the Milwaukee Police Department; James Phelps, President of JCP Construction, LLC; and Pastor Gregory Lewis of Pastors United.
The banquet also featured a keynote address by Eloise Anderson – Secretary, Wisconsin Department of Children and Families. Senator Lena C. Taylor (D-Milwaukee) served as Mistress of Ceremony. City of Milwaukee Treasurer, G. Spencer Coggs who is president of WestCare Wisconsin Board, along with Reuben Harpole, made remarks.