In remembrance of my sister Deborah Ann Harris

April 23, 2020

Taken but not forgotten.

I will keep my remembrance of you alive forever in my heart.

Never, never will you be left without having the last say. It’s who you are my sister. Day after day and night by night, I ask God why were you taken but nor forgotten. The Spirit keep telling me that you were God’s choice; to show us the way, to lead us into tomorrow through your love and kindness.

Debbie, I think of you all the time. I know you once said to never let you go ”without giving me justice for the good I have done.”

Today my sister, I am not going to give up keeping your name and life alive until all justice is done for you and all the other people who have lost love ones. I know the police chief and the mayor have moved on. But there are still some questions about your death due to a hit-and-run driver.

For example. Why did they say you were in the wrong place at the wrong time. I can’t ask you what happened, because you are not here with me. I have decided to keep the facts out there until you get the truth. The police said they pulled the driver over and he took off. They stopped chasing him.

But the truth needs to be told because, as you and I know, the police department has a chase policy that says if you run they will chase you. Police said they stopped the chase and heard a loud bang and rolled up and saw you.

One officer told news reporters that you were sitting parked in your car. That is not possible because you were on the way to get your daughter. Police said they saw him run through the red light.

So sis, it seems the very people you served for more than 30 years as a 911 operator are turning their backs on the truth. It’s funny because_ you always said whatever happened to you ”don’t let me not get my justice my brother.”

It took weeks to catch the Negro who took you from me and the rest of the family. It’s like the police chief and the mayor are saying to the family that you were just like anybody else. Who gets killed by these young people driving crazy out here.

But you were one of theirs, and as of today there is nothing else being said to bring any kind of healing upon the family. You like the many other who have lost love ones are being kept in the dark, beyond the reach of the truth.


Love , your brother Darrell Alexander