We prefer Black

November 8, 2018

Being Frank

By: Frank James
Special to the Milwaukee Times

Tamara Dobson
as Cleopatra Jones

The Queen of the World. This is the title the Black woman has held for the past few millennia. All men on the planet crave the Black woman. Many other races have held the Black woman up as the standard to measure their women by. Though there are several pretenders there is only one Black Queen. Though women come in many shades of color, and one without. I say for all Black men, we prefer Black.

The Ebony Goddess. Those words send shivers down the spine of any man with gumption. If you are a Black man this is the one thing that is worth braving bullets and hate, the Black Woman. The Black Queen. The statements sound good and look greater in life if you can run across one. No. No. No. I am not talking about the African American female, that is a cheap knock off of the real deal. The Black Woman.

What is a Black woman and where do I find her? This question is one many men of all races ask. True, there are imitations all over the television screen and probably living next to you. The true essence of Black womanhood is very rare these days. The media has twisted the image of beauty to drive potential Black Queens into the modern day slave role of an African American female. How so, you ask? Well, let’s take a look at one key example.

In 2018 you have African American females with other women’s hair on their heads. The crazy part is that women compliment African American women about how good their hair looks when the hair is store-bought. This is puzzling because both parties know the woman who the hair really belongs to is in another country. The hair that is being discussed is a weave, wig or whatever, but was not grown by the woman getting the compliment. The wigs and weaves must go.

I could talk about the clothes, the mindset, even the obesity levels of African American females, but you know this already. The African American pretender sto the Black Queen’s throne know they are incompetent and unworthy of anything but scorn. These pretenders know but won’t admit they have traded true beauty for PINK tights, midriff bulge, tattoos and weaves. Balance has to be restored, which means the Queen of the World has to return.

I know what you are thinking. This writer and others who think like him should or have white women. As I stated in the title of this piece, we prefer Black. The Black woman image has to be revitalized and this will not happen by race mixing. The world needs the Black Queen just like it needs the return of the Black King. The world already has imitations of both in the African American male and female. We have to return this planet to balance and one key way is to rejuvenate the Black Woman. The key to this rejuvenation has to be love for her natural physical traits.

I have a picture of Tamara Dobson in her role as Cleopatra Jones in my phone. This is my physical interpretation of how a Black woman should look. Others may have their image. One thing is for certain, a Black Queen has natural hair. It may be straight, but from birth, not a perm or hot comb. We need to start educating Black girls at a young age to embrace being Black. To be proud of their hair because it symbolizes who they are and all they can become. We need to ban or silence the stupid entertainers who continue to glorify the modern day bed wench. The Black Woman is more than a piece of meat to be passed from one degenerate race to another. The Black Queen has to return and this starts in the shaping of the mind.

The Black Woman is the ultimate woman. That is why I myself and other Black men prefer Black.

Frank James IV 2018 Beingfrankwithfrank@gmail.com.

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