The ultimate fraternity

February 28, 2019

Being Frank

By: Frank James
Special to the Milwaukee Times

In the USA there are fraternities and sororities that supposedly epitomize the cream of African American society. I won’t say the names but use the term many use when referring to these organizations: The Divine Nine. It is great to celebrate these nine organizations during Black History Month. Yet, it is time to celebrate the ultimate fraternity, Black Man.

You have to pledge or pay initiation fees to join one of the Divine Nine. The only way you can get into the ultimate fraternity, Black Man, is to be born into it. No amount of pledging or payments can make you a part of this elite fraternity. I know what many are thinking, “What is so great about being a Black Man?” Well now let’s get to it.

The Black Man is the most hated creature on the planet. There is no other creature, man or plant, that the society seems to despise as much as a black man. This is especially true if it is a black man in his natural state. In the USA they attempted to break the black man by various means, from torture to turning the black woman against him. This persecution is what makes The Black Man Fraternity so exclusive. This also shows the greatness in the black man. No one would spend so much time and energy to keep an inferior person down. The few true black men left have overcome the societal hazing and are standing tall in their color.

There are several forms of imitation, but there is only one true Black Man. The imitations come in all forms– from women pretending to be men to white men taking steroids. None can touch the glory of a true black man. The assault on the creation of black men is daily through social media and television. School curriculum is designed to neuter the young black male in order to turn him into a passive African American male. In the USA daily life is geared against the black man by having people judge him using a scale designed to glorify white weakness and money. Yet, through it all there are still members of this elite brotherhood.

The Black Man is the symbol of true manhood. No other race comes close. This fact is the reason why other races, from Arab to English, have attempted to twist the black man from his natural self by using everything from alternative lifestyles to religion. The need to instill fear into young potential black men is mandatory in all cultures that are not of black origin. This is why in this day and age African American youth are killed in the streets of major cities. Self-hate is another tool used to program the potential black male into a pliable piece of clay to further advance the neutering program. Yet, still every once in awhile you will see a Black Man rocking his colors saying to the world, “I’m still here.”

Many members of The Black Man Fraternity hid in plain sight for the past few years. I know one who joined a Greek fraternity to disguise his true nature under the pretense of Kappa arrogance. I have heard of a few who decided to date white women. This latter disguise is a bit too much for my tastes but who am I to judge? The fact is, it is time for all Black Men to stand again. It’s time to shake off the disguises and wear your colors physically and mentally. The games are over and the party ended 2500 years ago.

Black Man, it is time to shine and repair the world. It is time to showcase the pride and blessing of being apart of the most glorified, yet hated fraternity in existence. Marcus Garvey once stated, “I would be nothing else in God’s creation but a Black Man.” Enough said.

Frank James IV © 2019

The opinions expressed in this editorial are those of the writer and not of the Milwaukee Times Weekly Newspaper or NCON Communication, its staff or management. “Being Frank” is a bi-weekly column exclusive to the Milwaukee Times Weekly Newspaper.

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