The true enemy

July 10, 2015

150619-vigil-sc-church-shooting-ef-2045_04d097bab8468baf3569444d20b71d8d.nbcnews-ux-2880-1000Another atrocity has taken place in the African American community. Nine people were killed when Dylann Roof went into a Charleston, South Carolina church and started shooting. Roof announced he wanted to kill black people. Many people scream that this is another show of white hate towards black people. This may be true, but the true enemy doesn’t have a color. The true enemy is a mindset.

The enemy of black people is an anti-black mindset that has permeated the atmosphere of the world for the last 2000 years. It is a thinking process that has either sought to exploit blacks or simply destroy them. The Caucasian is just the latest race to pick up the mentality. Before the Caucasian came out of the caves of Europe the black race was on the run from Arabs. Before the Arabs came with religion the mindset was in certain black people.

This enemy anti-black mindset has used various races in different methods to punish the black race. The white supremacist rhetoric that Roof read and spewed on the Internet is the same garbage that has been around for 2000 years. The only difference is the verbiage. The theme is always the same with the underlying tone of blacks as the enemy. It’s ironic that many male white supremacists tend to expose hate towards black people but can’t keep their hands off black women. The sick part is black women know this but keep heading to the bedroom.

Blacks feel like they are being targeted unfairly in all aspect of society. The police shoot them down on the streets. Their women are exploited, willingly, as chattel. The black male is pimped by either sports, corporate America, or the prison system. The list goes on to include schooling, housing, etc. You name it, blacks in the USA feel they are getting the short end, if any.

The black race in the United States is not without blame. Many of the blacks in the USA have the enemy anti-black mindset in their heads. Because of this they act like animals towards each other. It was black artists who started making music glorifying pimping black women and killing black men. It was black people who sold the drugs in the community and formed the gangs that terrorize. All of these are manifestations of the enemy anti-black mindset. The way blacks treat each other is an enabler for other races’ aggression.

The idiocy of black people in the face of such aggression is almost laughable. Looking at the images from television you see people wondering why this is happening to them. This enemy mindset hinders black people from realizing that killing of blacks has never stopped. What Roof did in that church is no different than what has been going on for thousands of years. Roof ’s actions will make some blacks angry and want to go get guns. Fools. If anyone doesn’t see that violence is what people like Roof want. The black race is so mind whipped until if a race war broke out 90 percent wouldn’t know which side to join. Anyone extolling violence from blacks towards whites is an agent provocateur. This simply means they are working for the other side.

Everyone has to wake up and understand where the true enemy is. Whites, blacks, Asian, Latino, whoever have to understand the mindset inside their heads. In all fairness black people haven’t been a menace to anyone except themselves for the last 2500 years. Know the enemy and understand that the true enemy transcends color.

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