Time for thanks

November 22, 2018

Being Frank

By: Frank James
Special to the Milwaukee Times

The month of November is upon us once again. The malls are starting to swell with people shopping for Christmas gifts. Popeye’s Chicken is selling whole Cajun Turkeys. Many people are packing suitcases and travel bags in preparation for trips. Thanksgiving is here and it is time for everyone to find reasons to give thanks.

What do you have to be thankful for? This is the question all people should be asking themselves. The answer to this small significant question is one many people never find. In today’s society people go through life simply existing and not living. This is because many do not know anything they have to be thankful for. In today’s society thankfulness is often tied to material goods or money. Yet, it seems as if the people who have the most material items and cash are often the most miserable. Here are a few reasons to give thanks that everyone can enjoy and truly appreciate.

Life. If you are living you are winning. To have life is the most valuable possession anyone can have. Life is something everyone reading this piece has but many do not value. Often people take it for granted that they will be up to see the sunrise the next day. This aloof outlook often leads to people not being thankful for the life they have. More sadly are the people who are consumed with material goods and money. This is the group of people who waste their lives chasing materialism that never truly satisfies. Life is the one thing that should be treasured beyond all other means and should be embraced. This leads us to the next thing to be thankful for.

Freedom. Freedom is something everyone takes for granted. Everyone should be thankful that they are born free. Free to make choices that either lead to good living or a physical nightmare life on this planet. No matter what choice a person makes, it is still theirs. Freedom enables us to make the decisions that shape our lives. The true way to enjoy freedom is to accept this fact and realize your lifestyle is your own creation. Once you do this you may discover that freedom can kick in and help you change your situation.

Thinking. The ability to think is one thing no one gives much ado to. I know this is true because a vast number of people do not think. Everyone on this planet should be on their hands and knees thanking whatever deity they believe in for the ability to think. If one takes the time to think about what they are thinking about they will utilize life and freedom to the max. The ability to think is powerful and the thoughts that shape us often shape our lifestyle. Be thankful people of the earth that you have the ability to think.

I purposely left family, friends and food out of this article. The three previously mentioned items are usual Thanksgiving anecdotes. Hang with family and watch your uncle or another family member eat themselves into the hospital. Go hang with friends and get liquored up watching football on television while arguing about which millionaire will get the CBS Turkey Leg for MVP. That is fine and dandy but the three things I offered you to give thanks for will last forever. Unlike corn bread dressing, life, freedom and thinking will never spoil. That is, unless you allow them to.

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