The magical season

December 26, 2019

It is the time of year where everyone seems to be upbeat. Yes, wonderful people, it is Christmas time. The month of December seems to bring out a positive vibe in everyone in the USA. The Secret Santa gifts or simply looking at decorated trees seems to bring out a sense of humanity in the US population. I say enjoy these 31 days with gusto.

I know there are factions that say Christmas is a myth. Well so is the tale of the great Christopher Columbus. I would like to believe that there are no longer any children who believe in Santa Claus in 2019. Technology has eradicated any sense of wonder in many children and they can Google if Santa is real or not. Yet, this time of year still makes people warm up to others and act civil. So myth or not, I say go Christmas.

I am long past standing in front of a Christmas tree and singing The First Noel. I will admit that I may not see the value of this task while others seem to value trees and caroling. I am not a fool and understand that while people are singing carols at least they are not calling you vile names. Anything that can make people act cheerful and humane towards others is something the world needs more of. The only problem I have with Christmas is that it is only once a year.

Many factions use several excuses to bash and bring Christmas down. Some people claim that Jesus wasn’t born on December 25th. This is probably true. I wonder if Jesus was born at all the way the people who worship in His name act. My question is, “Who cares about the Jesus birthday part if the day brings cheer to people?” I’m not saying everything that makes people happy is okay, but Christmas is non-threatening and can be fun.

The economic value has been lauded as the true reason Christmas even exists. Once again maybe some brilliant business people got together and decided to create a holiday that would make retail boom. Good. Fine. You don’t have to spend a dime. I don’t. I will enjoy the fact that most people with a brain act considerably better during this time. Once again I am coming from what I see. Other people may have an entirely different viewpoint, but this column is called Being Frank and I’m him.

To be honest Christmas likely began as a pagan holiday. The roots of the celebration may have ties with the Winter Solstice rituals of times past. If so then, who cares? They say a Cadillac Escalade is on a Chevy frame. Those who drop the 75 grand to buy an Escalade could care less. That should be the overwhelming opinion pertaining to Christmas. The opinion stating that the results are all that matters.

With these previous thoughts fomenting in your grey matter, I will bid you adieu. Get out of the house and go look at the Christmas decorations downtown and in the malls. Good people, enjoy these 31 days to the max because the other 334 may be hell.

Frank James IV © 2019

The opinions expressed in this editorial are those of the writer and not of the Milwaukee Times Weekly Newspaper or NCON Communication, its staff or management. “Being Frank” is a bi-weekly column exclusive to the Milwaukee Times Weekly Newspaper

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